Barbie’s Dream House…

21 08 2008

Okay guys, it’s been a long long loooooooooong day, so I deeply apologize about the late post, but you know what they say… Save the Best for Last! Well, at least thats what Vanessa Williams said, and she’s FLY, so we’ll take her word for it.

I’m giving you that good SNEAK PEEK goodness! For all my loyal readers, I’m telling you guys about a blog that’s coming out from one of my besties, Country Club Barbie. You’ve read about her here and here and even here; well now, take a look at things from her perspective!

Her blog, Barbie’s Dream House, will feature the snarky and fierce thoughts of a woman who thought her dream house was broken, only to find out that it doesnt take Ken (who still doesnt have a penis, by the by), to make a girl’s dream [house] come true.


I’m sure if you like this blog, which I hope you do, since you’re reading it right now…. you’ll love hers too! Same snark, same swag, same sass… just a different point of view.

Check her out! Love her! Do it NOW!




One response

22 08 2008

Thanks for the shout-out babe!

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