This Post is Long Overdue

5 08 2015


Hey guys! Hey there! How you been??

So I’m sure you’ve noticed that the blog has been, ummmm… what’s the word? Quiet? Yes, quiet.

As in I haven’t posted anything since May. MAY!!! That’s a long ass time.

Well, I assure you it’s not been for lack of effort or topics to cover. I even sat down and created a 2 month calendar of topics to discuss! But alas, none of them have materialized because life has gotten in the way. More importantly, any amount of free time I have, I’ve been working on my book that I’ve mentioned a few times on here previously. Basically, it became a question of time and importance, and since my book series is something I’ve dreamed about for as long as I can remember, I had to begin to prioritize that over the blog.

And then I looked up and noticed it had been since May (MAY!), and there was no way I could continue to leave the blog empty with no explanation. Not out of obligation (although there was a feeling of that), but just because I care so much about Choices, Voices, and Sole. I just couldn’t let it continue to sit dormant with no reasoning.

I’m sorry to say this post does not mean I will get back to posting on here regularly. In fact, for the time being, I’m officially putting the blog on hiatus. I’d been hesitant to do so, wanting to keep holding on, but it’s time. I became painfully aware of that recently when I experienced a physical setback that was life threatening. You know how people say going through that kind of experience puts everything in perspective? Well they’re absolutely right. And among many other realizations, I also figured out I’d been running away from letting go of the blog when I knew it had to be done.

So this is goodbye… for now. I’ll definitely miss writing here and discussing topics with some of my fave readers, but I hope to have something for you all to read that’s even better in the very near future. (And let me tell you — I am soo excited to see where this book can go!)

One thing I can say is that it’s been a great run here. I started this blog in July 2008 looking for a place to express myself more creatively and ended up not only doing that, but finding my voice, discovering what I really wanted to write about, and meeting (online and in person) some of the very best people. Along the way, I had relationships begin, end, and begin again lol. There were guys who found the blog without me telling them and interrogated me about it, guys who thought I was talking about them when I wasn’t, and even guys who would specifically ask that certain conversations be “off the record.” I learned through all of that that no one has the right to tell you what to do with your story. And what stories there were! I laughed sometimes while writing some of my most embarrassing moments (sizzle anyone??) and cried when I admitted some of my more vulnerable ones. And even had some of my best girls join me on the journey through guest posts and our Girl Talk podcasts. I will cherish that experience. And I hope that you’ll remember your time with the blog just as fondly.

Now — for my last point, you see that photo up there? That photo is something I used for my vision board last year, but it’s so relevant to me now. And if I can impart anything on you guys one last time, it’s to do just what it says — be in love with your life. Do the things that bring you fulfillment and joy. Run to the things and people that warm your heart and make your soul smile. You’ll make mistakes, for sure… but it won’t be because you sat around not trying. It’ll be because you leaped into your life, and it’ll be that much easier to get up and do it again.

I love you all so much! And I can’t wait to come back on here the next time I have some BIG news.

Sincerely (and until next time),





8 responses

5 08 2015

Congrats and best wishes. Let us know when we can purchase the book.

7 08 2015

Thanks so much! And I certainly will. How’ve you been?

14 10 2015

I have been amazing. I even started a blog in efforts to keep myself motivated to write. Your blog has inspired me to not give up on writing.

16 10 2015

Oh my gosh JaneDoe!! If you’re up for sharing, please do so — I’d love to read your work. And I’m really touched I helped inspire you not to give up on writing. You have no idea how much that means to me 🙂

18 10 2015
3 11 2015

YAY! I’ll definitely check it out 🙂

5 10 2015

Wow! You will totally be missed. I’ve really enjoyed your blog! I hope that everything goes well with your book and everything else in your life. I haven’t been blogging much either, like you said life can totally get in the way and sometimes you can get totally blocked.

6 10 2015

Awww thanks love! I really enjoyed writing for the blog and getting to know writers like you — but alas, we have to prioritize things sometimes. And don’t worry… I’ll still be poking around 29tolife haha. Hope all is well!!

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