From Cut Buddy to Boyfriend…

19 08 2008


So as you know, I believe in categories, whether it be friends or guys. Well, recently I realized that my friends and I had categorical names for pretty much every type of guy you could have in your life from cut buddy to boyfriend. Some of the names are typical… some are from our bea-u-ti-ful minds! lol

Here’s what we’ve come up with so far (in no special order):

1. Cut Buddy: see also distraction… you know who this person is. Not much needed to be said here. This is the person you call for one thing and one thing only. * should avoid sleepovers and cuddling with this person at ALL costs!

2. FWB: Friend with Benefits… this is another one you’ve probably heard of: it’s very ambiguous. This person will most likely lead to someone getting hurt in the end, but the basic premise in the beginning is to have someone that you do all the relationship things with but not commit to a title with that person (supposedly releaving some of the stress that goes along with that).

3. “Brody”… GORGEOUS guy who you date casually, for FUN! The trick with the Brody is that you know going into the situation that he will NEVER be someone you get serious with. Guys, you all can decide what you call this girl… although you probably call her the FWB lol. * Sleepovers allowed here, but cuddling should be kept a minimum, as this person has the potential to slip into FWB status if you’re not careful.

4. Associate… someone who you’re cool with, but you dont necessarily divulge key elements of your life with them. This person may be fun to hang around or may be apart of some organizations you are involved with… but this person should never really know TOO many personal details about your life… after all, they have no obligation to you to keep them secret.

5. Platonic Friend… very rare. We’ve all heard it before. Most guys dont even think this classification exists. But the few times it does, these would be the signifiers that you are or have a platonic friend: There is absolutely no attraction from or to either person involved, meaning even in the most dire situation, there would be NO chance of a slip up. You guys are very close, maybe even consider each other BEST FRIENDS.

6. Object of Affection: see also crush… As discussed before, this person is pure. He or she should not ever be put into any other category but this one and Boy (Girl)Friend…. maaaaybe PB (PG), but be careful with that as well. This is someone that you find attractive, but not just physically, and who you think you could possibly date seriously. *Absolutely no cuddling or sleepovers with the Object of Affection!!!! Absolutely NONE!

7. Stand-in… this person is not quite the platonic friend and not quite the platonic boy(girl)friend either, but they’re not the ever important 6th man (getting to that). They are what it sounds like… a possible stand in for either when the time is needed. They are more than an associate, and you have the leeway of being attracted to this person but not acting on it. Really, they embody 3 categories in one, but they’re not as important as either of 3 they can take the place for…. I know it sounds harsh, but we all know this classification is real. Dont play me like it isnt lol… rebound guy(girl) could also somewhat be in here, because (s)he’s a stand-in for the boy(girl)friend (technically speaking)

8. Platonic Boy(Girl)Friend… I wrote about this earlier. The main thing to remember with this classification is that while this person may be treated like a best friend, you’re allowed more leeway than the Platonic friend classification because you can and probably are attracted to them. To note, as said many times on this blog before; you will probably have a moment when you and your PB(PG) have the opportunity to slip-up. DONT DO IT! No matter what you think, your relationship with that person is not built to handle such a thing. You will lose your PB(PG) maybe for months, but possibly forever. (Sound gloomy enough for ya? lol)

9. Sixth Man… CCB came up with this glorious title. We were trying to figure out what to call the person who is there when you need them to be, but isnt your Platonic Friend…. but is ALWAYS there when you need them to be…. alas the Sixth man! Anyone who plays basketball knows how important the 6th man is to the game… without him(her) your team probably isnt complete. So if you’re someone’s 6th man, please dont be offended. You are very important 🙂


10. Last but not least, the boy(girl)friend… we could get into classifications of this as well, but I wont… too much! This one is self explanatory however. You’ve probably made a committment to this person to date exclusively and all relationship perks are allowed and should occur.

Did we miss anything???




14 responses

20 08 2008
Country Club Barbie

I really don’t have anything profound to say, but I thought that this was such a fantabulous post that I’d comment to break the ice. Hopefully others will join me (crickets, crickets) 🙂

27 08 2008

I was trying to figure out what my PLATONIC guy friend would be, since you say he doesn’t exist (I laugh at that notion)!

I wonder is the 6th man like a degendered friend? Someone there when you need them, but that you are not attracted to? I don’t know. Just a thought.

27 08 2008

No, I think it does exist! I just think it’s rare…

yeah I could go with that explanation of a 6th man lol

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20 03 2015
Cut Buddies

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