The Nickname Game (relationships)

30 07 2008


Flake. LeMichael 9.5. Mercy, Mercy Me. Crack. Voldemort. Chances are, if you’re a guy who’s played even a slightly significant part in any of my close friend’s lives, we’ve given you a nickname. You name it; we gotta ‘em. Some are easier to figure out (if you’re the guy) than others, but really we don’t care if the guy figures it out at all. Lol. It’s more for our pleasure than anything.


I’m not quite sure how it began with my friends at the Mecca, but I’ve pretty much always given guys nicknames in my life. My first real crush was Cotton and my “high school sweet heart” was Mi helado (my ice cream) just to name a few. Anyway, the game continued when I moved to the District.


Now, I’m not saying I’m the reason my friends and I do it, because I get a feeling a lot of people do it… just for different reasons. I’m just saying I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. Shoot, I know guys who give all girls in their lives nicknames… although there’s tend to be strictly physical attributes.


Our reasons tend to range, but these are pretty much the basics: 1. you may not be that important, but if you have a nickname, it means we talk about you on a consistent basis enough to warrant a nickname. 2. my friends and I tend to be fairly flirty individuals, so on occasion, we have a lot of names to discuss, for some reason, it’s easier to remember folks by their nickname, as opposed to something random like Peter. Then you’d have to remind folks, “you know Peter? The one who did bla bla bla all the time”… and everyone would hopefully go “ahhh, ok, Peter!” Well, this takes a bunch of the rigamoro out of it, if you just decide that Peter will forever be known as Peter, Peter the watermelon eater… or watermelon eater for short. Everyone will INSTANTLY know who you’re talking about! (and side note: watermelon is another nickname, but I’ll leave that to your imagination lol). 3. It’s a simple pleasure… and my friends and I like simple things. 4. Please note that said nickname must be either short, simple, and to the point or quite catchy as hell. 5. Nicknames are subject to change at any time, however, this can only be done if one of 2 things occurs: a) a majority of the people with knowledge of said nickname okay the change or b) the person who is connected to the nicknamee makes an executive decision.


Like regular nicknames, some are flattering, others not. Some are physical traits, others are in relation to something the guy may do or may say, or his relationship to you… like I said, it varies. But it’s good. It keeps you lifted up and gives us a little chuckle when we say them.


So what do you think? Will you and your friends go try it at home, if y’all don’t do it already? Trust me. You’ll thank me later. But beware, it will become addicting… and unless the nickname is very flattering and you don’t mind explaining, you might want to not accidentally slip up and call that person the nickname they were given…. Yeah, I’m talk to you, CCB! lol





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30 07 2008
mama's got moxie

ha!! me and my friends used to do this too! only we weren’t nearly as creative as you. “mi helado”…can i steal that one for my husband?? 😉 i do recall seeing this guy eons ago and my friends used to call him blurple ’cause they said the boy was so black he looked purple. now ain’t that mean?? haha…

love the new blog, honey!!

30 07 2008

My girlfriends and I always do that! We’ve gotten so used to referring to people by their nicknames that we forget their real names! I love how you pointed out that men’s nicknames are usually based in phsyical attributes, so true.

30 07 2008

wow! good… so my friends and I arent the only ones who do it!!! that makes me feel better that people can soooo relate! lol

and you can definitely steal “mi helado,” just use it wisely 🙂

and guys so do, thanks for co-signing! their nicknames are like, busty girl or big booty Judie lol

27 08 2008

That picture.
The little girl.
The Watermelon.

SOOOOOO Inappropriate.


30 08 2008


I knew you’d love it! 🙂

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7 09 2014
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