What TIME is it???

2 10 2008


Its finally here! Its finally here! Who’s hella excited about the vice presidential debate tonight? Yep, that’s me raising my hand, excitedly waving it, anxiously trying to get the teacher’s attention. Can you see it???

If you thought Sarah palin’s performances with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric were laugh fests, this could be the grand daddy of them all. Here’s a question, do you think Palin will ask the moderator (PBS journalist, Gwen Ifill) if she can get back to her on a question in the debate or was that just a one-time Katie Couric type of thing? AnTyway, you know that good good is going to be watching Joe Biden doing everything in his power not to turn around, give her the meanest side eye, and say, “bitch, are you stupid?” (sorry if anyone was offended by that just now, but if you think Biden doesn’t say the word bitch, and doesn’t think palin is stupid, you don’t know much about Joe Biden lol)

All jokes aside though, this debate should prove to be much more lively than the last one with Obama and McCain, that really didn’t get good until like the 35 minute mark. In fact, my friends and I had decided to play a drinking game on the last debate and planned to take a swig of the lic anytime McCain said change and anytime Obama said experience (we wanted to switch it up a bit to make it interesting) and about 1/4 of the way through, we had to change the words, because they were just not giving us what we needed.

I don’t think this debate will be as reserved. Both candidates love to be the attack dog, so it should be an interesting dance between Biden trying not to come off as a sarcastic, dry humor jerk and Palin trying to sound smart.

I’m curious to see who wins that challenge. And I’m hoping that our words work better this time around lol… OH and as an extra aside, my teens are super excited to see this debate… I feel another Teen perspectives post coming in the near future! LMAO!


Republican VP Pick!

3 09 2008

Turnaround being fair play and all… I, of course, need to talk about McCain’s vice presidential pick as well.

For the past couple days, we’ve all been steadily learning more and more about McCain’s pick for his running mate, Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska.

Here’s what we know about her so far: She’s a woman. She’s staunchly anti-abortion, no matter the circumstances. She wants only wants creationism taught in the school. She’s a woman. She has a scandal in her office to deal with about her former brother-in-law. She has a scandal to deal with concerning her 17 yr old daughter being pregnant (whether you think its news-worthy or not, you cant deny its a scandal). She doesnt think sex education should be taught in schools. Wait, did I mention that she’s a woman????

I dont know about yall. But this pick just seems soooo, um, contrived? Is that the word I’m looking for? Yeah… I think so. Contrived. Staged. Interesting. Now, at least that’s what you can say about this pick as opposed to Obama’s pick. While I thought that was traditional, I definitely dont think this one is as traditional. It’s just as strategic, but not traditional.

McCain has made a clear ploy to not only women (can we say, trying to get the Hillary Stans anyone?), but also to appeal to the very conservative base of the Republican Party who still think McCain may be too much of a maverick. And the thing is she may achieve both… crazier things have happened! What’s better than getting a double whammy… not only does she believe EVERYTHING they believe, but she’s a WOMAN who believes it. She’s a woman who doesnt want woment to have the right to decide.

You know what? Shoot… now that I think about it… this is pretty traditional. Wasnt Clarence Thomas just like this? A Black man who didnt think that Black people should be afforded the opportunities of affirmative action. A Black man who believed EVERYTHING they believed, but said it in a Black person’s mouth… so it made them feel better. Oh SCHNAP! And he had a scandal to boot!

I see John McCain trying to be George H.W. Bush! I just hope people see between the lines and dont fall for it.

Yeah… I said it.

VP Pick!

25 08 2008

Sooooo… It’s official.

Obama chose Joe Biden to be his Vice Presidential running mate… My original reaction was a little something like, “ummmmmmmmm ok.”

Dont get me wrong, I understand why he picked him. I mean, you’d either have to be not very smart or not listen/read any news to not understand why he picked Biden, seeing as though all the pundits have been talking about it ALL this weekend. You know the basic stuff: Biden gives him national security presence. Biden gives him experience. Biden provides that working class white man vote Barack has had a hard time getting.

I get all that, I do. But still, something about the pick was just soooo… uninspiring. Thats not a true knock on Biden, exactly. Because I’m not sure if any of the picks people had been talking about lately would have inspired me… but Biden, specifically, just seemed so contrived. So traditional. Sooooo not about change.

Now, I believe that I’ve noted to you all before that I’m not one of those people ready to crown Barack the next savior, but part of the reason I liked him was that I felt maybe he really believed all the stuff he said. And that meant something to this political cynic. Well, as the race moves along and gets closer to November, I’m seeing Barack move closer and closer to pandering to the traditional than rebelling against it.

I mean, really?! Joe Biden?! How much more traditional could you get?

BUT all that said, I’m still going to vote for them. Which was my second reaction. I know this was something he had to do. Afterall, John Edwards ruined ANY chance he had of being the nominee. Only the craziest Hillary Clinton stan thought she would be the nominee. And logically, the people scared about Barack being about too much change, might be calmed down by a guy who’s been around Washington government for a really really long time. Note the balding white hair, ladies and gentleman.

All in all, Barack took a page out of George Bush’s handbook. He played up the whole, “I want to change how Washington is” thing and then made his VP runningmate someone who IS Washington politics. And thats cool, I guess.

I still hope they win. I’m just not sure if I’ll be jumping up and down if they do…. wait, what am I saying? I’m definitely going to be jumping up and down, doing flips and jumping on trampolines like the “rhythmic gymnasts” at the Olympics, and running around like David Oliver (GO BISON)! But in my heart, I’ll slightly wish just maayyybe it was someone else in that VP slot. (You know, someone who doesnt slip up and give compliments about being articulate… yeah, I still havent forgotten that. “He Speaks SO WELL!”)

The Race for 2nd PLACE…

18 08 2008


Who do YOU think has it in the bag:


  Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, Joe Biden, Evan Bayh, or Sam Nunn???? OR could it be someone they ABC hasnt thought of yet?