About ME!

Darby is a Writer/Editor by profession, but she moonlights as a lover and possible addict of shoes. She currently uses her blog, Choices, Voices, and Sole, to express her passions and works hard to keep her closet from becoming a shoe-haven mess. She has amassed over 200 pairs of shoes, so she’s well aware of how one can be influenced by her shoe collection.

The New Orleans, LA native graduated from Howard University with her Bachelor’s in Print Journalism in 2005 and two years later, received her Master’s in American Government from Georgetown University.

She currently serves as a Public Affairs Specialist for DC Government and creator/editor of Modern Teen, a youth centered magazine at a local teen program in Washington, DC. However, she also volunteers as a mentor and adviser for some of the teens within the program and volunteers as a certified STI counselor, when needed. Darby has freelanced for numerous magazines and websites, including Heart & Soul Magazine, Elan Extreme Magazine, Honey’s e-Magazine, and The Examiner website. She has served as an intern for several news outlets, such as Sister 2 Sister Magazine, ABC News Nightline, Soldier Radio and Television, and the Times Picayune. As well, she participated in the inaugural New York Times Student Journalism Institute, the Fund for American Studies program, and the National Association of Black Journalists’ Short-course project in Tallahassee, FL.

You can find more information about Darby and her other projects at her webpage: Words. Shoes. Life. with Darby L. Baham. She is also available by email at contact@darbybaham.com.


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