Stilletos, Pumps, in the club*…

20 08 2008

This funny moment is brought to you by Hennessey… it makes the hoes look good (or so I’ve been told).

Picture the scene: five fly ass chicks (at least that how many people I remember being there lol); it’s our first year as alumni of the prestigious, Mecca of Black Education, so of course, we’ve decided that doing it BIG would be too small…

Pimp C and I had already cleared out all of Pentagon City, courtesy of this shopping trip. And I’d already decided that Friday night at Dream (it’s Love now, but was still Dream then), I was going to be FIERCE! No. Really.

I’d coordinated my outfit so that it was chic and just understated enough so that the greatest accessory could shine: my shoes. They were bronze, silver, and gold 4 inch stilleto sandals. The heel was silver, while the straps that wrapped around your feet crisscrossed in the 3 different colors. It was the perfect shoe for someone who couldnt decide if she wanted to wear silver or gold jewelry and it had the added bonus of sparkling in the club lights!

By the time we arrived, we were already lit, courtesy of our tendency (at the time, ahem) to overdue it when we pregame. But once we got there, it only made sense (to us at least) to keep the party going. After a few Long Island Ice Teas and a couple Hennessey and cokes, you could say I was real nice. lol

Towards the end of the night is where all the fun happened, however. There we were dancing, and all of a sudden, it felt as if the ground beneath had caved!

But it was only one side!

I turned to CCB and said, “Dude, I think something is wrong with the ground!” and as I looked down, with my finger pointed to the floor, my mouth twisted and contorted into the worst gasp EVER! It was only then that I noticed the horror of all horrors had occurred.  My heel broke off 😦

I returned the shoes the next day.

*There’s a STRONG possibility that this story is not 100% accurate!




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