3 little words…

22 08 2008

These three words,
Sweet and Simple
These three words,
Short and Kind
These three words,
Always Kindles
An aching heart to smile inside…

I know, I know, when Stevie Wonder sang this song, he was talking about the words, I Love You, but those aren’t the three words I am talking about today.


Remember this image? Please note how hard it was for poor Laurie Ann to answer Diddy’s question, when all he simply asked was, “Do you miss me?” 

I miss you. These 3 words, I contend, are arguably just as hard, if not harder for most people to say than “I love you.” We say I love you to people all the time! We tell our friends, “I love you, boo!” We tell people in jest, “Oh you KNOW I love you” as a way of kinda blowing off the insult you just dealt. And we sign cards and letters and emals with, “Love, such and such.”

But really think about. How many people have you truly told, I miss you? It’s something about those words. They imply your need for that person. They imply that something wasnt quite right without that person in your life. They make you vulnerable.

That’s why Laurie Ann couldnt answer when Diddy kept asking her, “but do you miss me?” She knew by saying yes; he had her. I mean, he clearly kinda had her anyway, but notice she never says yes. Go back to the video.

No. Really. Go back.

Okay, did you notice? She says no, he asks her a couple gazillion times more, and then she finally says “sometimes” as she begins to break down crying. But never, ever did she say yes. And when he says, we missed you… she’s done for.

It’s amazing, really, how 3 simple words can do that to you. I know for me, there have certainly been people I missed, but I never told… not because I thought they would look down on me or something, but because I didnt want them to know they had a piece of me.

In reality, that kind of stuff is probably pretty evident anyway, but you can see how the words could mess some folks up. Along those same lines, I’m not one of those people that feels the need to say yes to anyone who asks that question, and really most people are the same way. We will dodge it, give a pretty generic “well you know, I HAVE been pretty busy,” answer, because you never want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but the truth is that you dont miss them…And if you dont miss someone, welllllllll, there’s probably a reason for that as well.

So, remember, the next time someone says, I miss you, take it for what is really means: I love you (the sincere way).

Hmmm, there go those other 3 words.




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