Sandal Season is Here!

29 04 2013
Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret

Photo Credit: Victoria’s Secret

Spring isn’t just for dating; it’s also the season for sandal wearing! So that means it’s time to get out your favorite nail colors, get those pedicures, and pop on your best sandals while the sun is shining down on all of your activities. But Spring can also mean shopping for you (like it does for me), and the best things to get right now are … you guessed it, sandals!

Here are some of my faves I’ve peeped recently: there’s a mixture of heels and flats, sparkles and bedazzles, prints and solids – but they’re all fabulous and potentially statement making.

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Are there any sandals you have your eye on these days? And what are some of your go-to nail colors to wear with them?


Celebrity Shoe Spotlight

18 06 2012

Photo: Kim Kardashian at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Event

A lot ofpeople don’t think of their shoes as a conscious fashion statement. They see a cute shoe and they get it. However, I believe that the women with the greatest shoe style know that it takes more than a cute shoe in the store to show off their best assets.

Today’s celebrity shoe spotlight, Kim Kardashian, highlights this point. While she has a great variety of shoes, if you look close, you can clearly spot some patterns in her shoe wardrobe. Why else is she today’s shoe spotlight? Well, say whatever you want about Kimmy K – the woman definitely gives good shoe. See below for proof:

Photo: Kim Kardashian in peep toe leopard print Christian Louboutin pumps at the Comcast red carpet


Photo: Kim Kardashian wearing tan, studded peep toe Christian Louboutin heels


Photo: Kim Kardashian in nude Christian Louboutin pumps at a Nordstrom event red carpet


Photo: Kim Kardashian in two different types of nude heels – one dressier than the other.

You can clearly see a few trends here, and it’s quite obvious Kim knows what looks good on her. With few exceptions (like the very first picture shown), she tends to stick with a nude or black pump. Even in the case when she goes for a more daring heel, like the leopard print peep toe pumps, they still have the nude and black in them. I would assume this is because nude and black pumps tend to elongate your legs, a task that Kim would surely love.

She also quite clearly enjoys a Christian Louboutin pump, but for those of us who can’t afford a wardrobe full of CL’s, the important thing to note is the style of shoe she prefers. There are certainly exceptions (and you should have those as well), but she’s clearly learned that a sleek pump looks good on her.The few times she has ventured to a more chunky or gladiator shoe, her legs have looked less defined and she’s managed to make herself look shorter.

Take a look through your closet today and see if you can pick out some of the trends amongst your shoes. If so, I would suggest concentrating on at least one of them and getting your variety elsewhere. For example, I like to have a closet with colors that can rival the rainbow, but I tend to go for a similar style of heel (stiletto) and body (sleek, no platform unless hidden). As a woman who stands at 5’1, those heels work best for me. After you’ve looked trough your closet, or if you just know off the top of your head, let me know what works best for you and why? Maybe we can help other women find their shoe style as we hone our own.

Now, THIS is what I call Love

17 02 2011

“This is love, this is love. Oh I think I’m falling for you…” ~ This is Love, Regina Belle

The other day, I asked what it means to love… and I think I have my answer (for now, at least lol)…

Christian Louboutins


Aldo Shoes


Rupert Sanderson

Steve Madden




Victoria’s Secret


This looks like love to me… am I right? lol

Blog Participation: Shoe Edition

23 04 2009

I’ve briefly talked about my 9 in 09 list before, but I dont think I’ve ever given you guys all the details of the list. For those not aware, CCB and I started this list after Labor Day last year and vowed that we would (try very hard to) complete 9 personal things before Labor Day 09. {Edit – December 09} We’ve both been working very hard, in case you care, lol… but I think some of the things we put on there might have been a little ambitious. We’ll see come September.

But that’s not exactly the point of this post. Really, the point is that one of my 9 is to purchase a pair of real designer shoes, ie: Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choos, YSL… you see where I’m going here. And I’ve been looking… so I wanted to share some of my favs and see if you guys could help me pick, because as much as I loooove shoes, my bank account can only (slightly) afford one of these babies. And thats with the sample sale price…

So without further ado… if you could get juuuust one of these, which one would you get?

1. alexandermcqueen Alexander McQueen Marissa Collection

2.  cl Christian Louboutin N. Prive fabric slingbacks

3. jimmy-choo Jimmy Choo Aqua buckle sandal

4. cl2 Christian Louboutin Dillian Flower Pumps

5. badgely-mishka1Badgley Mischka Women’s Caroline

6. jimmy-choo-2 Jimmy Choo Prosper Cutout Painted Eelskin

7. manolo-blahnik Manolo Blahnik

Simply Christian

4 04 2009

Christian Louboutin No. Prive 120 slingbacks Okay, I think by now y’all have probably figured out that I love Christian Louboutins. But typically, I post CL’s that are different and ‘exotic.’ This time though, I just felt the need to feature a simple pair of sling backs… shaped in only the way the red-bottom king can do them. The No. Prive 120 slingbacks come in at the low price of $745 at The patent leather shoe boasts a 5 inch heel with a 1 inch platform.

Grammy Gems

11 02 2009

A look at some of the shoes I thought were bangin’ at the Grammy’s… (please note all pictures are from

 LeToya rocked some pretty cute Christian Louboutins.

 Keyshia Cole followed suit with the red-bottom theme. These remind me a lot of the Christmas ones with the bow…

 Not sure what designer made these, but Raz B’s boo surely put her good foot forward lol… sorry, that was corny, but I had to do it

 Okay, Tracee Ellis Ross!!!!! Let me find these in an affordable price, just let me, and see what happens! lol

 These though, that Taraji Henson (Bison!) had on… I’d almost be willing to pay full price for these… yep, that means my first born child would be the property of whatever designer created these babies.

What do you guys think? And did I miss any others that sparkled on the runway red carpet?

Christmas Louboutins

7 12 2008

Tis the Season to be Jolly, right? More like tis the season to be spicy! How great would these Christian Louboutin Anemone Stiletto Pumps be for your honey bunny’s Christmas present. I can pretty much guar-an-tee he wouldn’t be thinking of how much they cost when you walk in the room, saying Merry Christmas baby! No, but really… let me tell y’all. I’m a HUGE Christmas person… so I was looking for some cute but corny Christmas shoes to highlight and came across these… soooooo much better, right? I mean who can beat a sating two-tone bow on the back of a pointed heel with. The fact that it has the CL signature red sole just adds sprinkles to the icing on the cake. $925.00