Eleven in ’11

This page will track the progress of my Eleven in ’11 journey, originally posted here. If you’re participating with CCB and I – feel free to track your progress on here as well. I’d love to see how everyone is doing!

A couple years ago, Country Club Barbie and I embarked on a quest we titled Nine in ’09. It stemmed from a movie I’d seen about a girl wanting to complete a list of goals prior to her 30th birthday. Cute little Lifetime movie that brought about some pretty good changes in us. At the end of our journey, we’d both completed a respectable amount of our goals – some we MURKED; and some… Kinda murked us lol.

Well, we’re back for more now. And since we’re going into the new year soon, 2011, we’ll be doing 11 goals by the end of 2011.

As a switch-up, we decided to let the other person come up with our 11th goal… Nerve wrecking, but actually turned out pretty well for the both of us. Below, you’ll find my list. I’m going to try and keep a running log of my progress on the blog, but a lot of mine will seem unfinished for awhile – as they will last all year long. Either way, here ya go!

1.     Finish the rewrite of my book, “BLEEP” and start pitching it again. (Note: the book does have a name, but I don’t want to put that on the world wide web right now – but know that I like the name and want to make sure no one else uses it.) The last time we did this, my goal was to finish writing this book and I did, but in pitching it and reading it over – there were substantial things that I felt needed to be changed. So a couple months ago, I reworked the structure of the book – but I’ve yet to rewrite a chapter since then. I will be now… all 19 chapters, in fact.

Edit: 1/19/20 – Just subscribed to Writer’s Market online… something that could possibly help me with this whole pitching my book(s) thing.

Edit: 2/8/2011 – I’m in full writing, getting friends to edit, and revising mode for the pitch of one of my books… just not the one that’s listed here. EEK! Even scarier is that I’m thinking of retweeking the idea for this one AGAIN. I need help lol…

Edit: 3/31/2011 – Okay, so things have changed a bit regarding this. I decided to switch up the concept of this book again. I know, I know… but this time, I’m done switching. This one feels right. But now, it’s a non-fiction book and what I’ve learned in the past month is that when pitching a non-fiction book to literary agents, the goal is not to have it completed, but to have an AMAZING book proposal. Therefore, I’ve been working on revising my pitches for this book and another one (also non-fiction now)… sending it to friends so they can edit them, revising them again and continuing that process. After about 4 go arounds, I think I’m good now. I’m finishing up my last revisions this week and April starts the process of sending everything out to people. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers!!!

Edit: 4/20/2011 – Final revisions have been made and I’m compiling my agent lists these days. My goal is to get about 30 agents for each book (so 60 agents) that I want to send the proposals to. I’m looking to complete that and start sending them out by the end of the month/first week in May.

Edit: 5/18/2011 – I finished the revisions and the researching. But in doing more research, I realized that I should probably write 3 sample chapters for each book before sending out the proposals to the agents I found. Interviews for both books are scheduled for next week and my next goal is to complete all 6 sample chapters (written, edited, and revised) by the end of August. Oh boy…

Edit: 6/30/2011 – Well, I’ve done a couple things in June for the books, not the least of which was buying “Pearl,” my netbook that will be used for writing chapters, researching for chapters, editing chapters, and an occasional Skype lol.

Edit: 7/26/2011 – I’ve completed all of my interviews and 2 of the 5 sample chapters (the first drafts) thus far. I’m hoping to complete 1-2 more this weekend coming up, during my travels to Philly.

Edit: 8/31/2011 – Sigh, another month, another switch to the book plan. It’s for real going to all come together at some point, y’all. For real. I have the stories, but some definite tweaking needs to occur.

Edit 12/1/2011 – making progress here. It seems I’ve completed the idea that I want and now it’s about sending out the queries and proposals. One month left to make this happen.

2.      Lose and keep off at least 20-25 lbs. Pretty self explanatory. I’ve actually never had much problem losing weight, just the keeping off part. I’m hoping to change that this time.

Edit: 1/18/2011 – I’ve joined a Zumba class and started working out in the mornings (!!!!) to Jillian’s shred series. Let’s hope I see some results soon!

Edit: 3/31/2011 – Well, I haven’t been all that diligent with the Zumba class or with Jillian’s shred series. Unfortunately, life got in the way of both of those… but mid March, I started Weight Watchers Points Plus program online and I’ve lost 6lbs so far. I also started going back to the gym this week. Right now I’m at 1.5 miles per 30 minutes on the elliptical… my short term goal is to get back to my peak of 2 miles per 30 min. Someone help me! lol

Edit: 4/20/2011 – So I’ve lost 9.8lbs so far (as of last Sunday). Not too shabby, right?

Edit: 5/18/2011 – Well, before my sister’s graduation and my birthday came up this past week, I’d lost 15 lbs. Hopefully I didn’t do too much damage these past couple days, but I’m sure I probably gained a couple lbs.

Edit: 7/26/2011 – So this has been around 17lbs down for a while now, but that’s completely my fault. It’s so hard to eat healthy when you’re going out all the time during the summer! But regardless, there’s no excuse. We were doing so well before. I did just go grocery shopping this weekend and bought all kinds of healthiness, so that should help me get back on track. Looking to have a better report come the end of August.

Edit: 8/31/2011 – Down 19 so far… we’re back in business here folks. I’m back doing what I’m supposed to do and in the past couple weeks, I’ve relost the few lbs I’d gained back and lost a couple more. Trying to keep up the momentum.

12/1/2011 – Down 24 at last check. Wooot!

3.      Go on 11 dates. Between going back and forth with Jake and Cosby the past couple years, I looked up and realized recently that it had been a few years since I’d gone a date with a new person. 3 years to be exact, when Montana and I had just met. 3 years is a really long time guys… Well, no more. In the past couple months, I’ve had a few dates, met a couple interesting guys, and while they may not have all worked out – it’s been good getting back out there and meeting new people. I plan to do a lot more of that… At least 11 more times to be exact. Wish me luck!

Edit: 1/18/2011 – Well, well, well… guess who has a date scheduled for when she goes home in February? I do! I do! 1 down… 10 more to go… now if I could juuust work on getting dates in DC. hmmmmm…

Edit: 2/8/2011 – first date went very well… actually, the second one did too… 2 down, 9 to go!

Edit: 3/31/2011 – Well, well, well… I’ve gone on 4 dates so far and they’ve all been pretty great. They’ve also all been with the same person… who happens to live hundreds of miles away from me. Next mission – go on a date in DC!

Edit: 4/20/2011 – About this… I STILL haven’t met anyone in DC I’m interested in enough to go on a date with. I saw this real fine cutie on the metro the other day, but he was all the way at the end of the car and it was standing room only packed on there. I saw another cutie at my job a couple weeks ago, but we were on a packed elevator together and I haven’t seen him since. Le sigh.

Edit:7/26/2011 – still nothing more than the 4 I had earlier this year. I’ll leave it at that. You read the blog, so you know what’s been going on with my dating life lol

Edit: 8/31/2011 – some things in the works here! Developments coming soon.

Edit: 12/1/2011 – 8 down! Could have been more but some things came up a few times, like you know being stood up by 2 different guys and Hurricane Irene wrecking 2 other plans. BUT 8 is still pretty respectable. I have 2 others in the works for December, but since I’m leaving to go home for Christmas so early this year, those might get pushed back to January. Does it count if they’re in the works but not completed by December 31st? Someone check on this loophole for me.

4.      Get back into freelancing, in magazines and/or websites. I’ve been so focused on writing for my job and writing for this blog (and a few others that I’ve since stopped) and writing for my book(s), that I haven’t written for a magazine or website (other than mine) in a couple years. I’d like to get back into that… So I’ll be getting back into the pitching articles game. Look for my name folks… My real name, not D-magic ha ha (also, if anyone has any leads – send them my way! Please and thanks!)

Edit: 3/31/2011 – no progress really to speak on for this one just yet. But it’s coming. I hope.

Edit: 4/20/2011 – still nada.

Edit: 8/31/2011 – Welllllll, I entered into a contest to find a Lucky Magazine contributing writer (VOTE FOR ME!!!) and have spoken with a friend about contributing to a website by the end of the year… so that’s something.

Edit: 12/1/2011 – Yeah, this one didn’t pan out as well. I got pretty far in the Lucky Competition (the final round, actually), but didn’t win and I haven’t been submitting queries to anyone outside of that. EEK!

5.      Find and secure a job that I want to be in for the next 2 to 3 years, at least. My current job is cool and honestly doesn’t give me much to complain about that, except that it’s not something I can see myself doing for more than a year more. Have you ever been in a situation like that? Well, that’s this job. I went into it knowing that I wouldn’t want to stay in it more than 2-3 years, but that it would give me a lot of good experience. It’s done that, but now I’m ready to see what else is out there… Don’t tell my boss though, cuz he’s pretty fantastic.

Edit 3/31/2011 – Alright, usually I’m not very candid about these types of things (in life or on the blog), but since it’s one of my goals… I guess I have to be. I’ve had a couple things happen this year regarding this one. First, I applied to an editor position in an educational publishing company at the end of December and was contacted by someone in the company to see if I was interested in a different position. I’m always up to hear about different opportunities and happened to be going to NYC that weekend, so I agreed to meet up with the person who contacted me. Unfortunately, the job sounded like an amazing opportunity… just not for my bank account or my ability to pay rent. The most the editor could offer me was $12,000 less than what I’m making now. Talk about disappointing. However, the editor is a pretty fantastic woman and I’m hoping I can stay in touch with her for other opportunities.

I’ve also been applying to other places. One was at home and 1/2 way through the interview process, I realized – yeah, I don’t really want this, so I politely bowed out. And recently, I was contacted to participate in the interview process for an editor position with a very famous women’s website. I’m only through step one right now, but if this pans out – it might be cause for flips and splits! A former professor also contacted me recently to discuss job opportunities with me as well… so there’s progress happening, albeit not entirely tangible progress.

Edit: 4/20/2011 – still searching… praying… and searching some more lol

Edit: 8/31/2011 – For the first time in months, I’ve actually found some jobs I’m interested in. I’ve applied to a few in the past couple weeks. Maybe something will come out of that in the near future.

12/1/2011 – So I’ve had a lot of interviews lately and the responses from them have been in no particular order – 1) you’re great, would you mind taking a pay cut? 2) would you mind taking a $10,000 pay cut? 3) how about a $5,000 pay cut? 4) would you leave DC, move to NY and make 1/2 of what you’re making now? and lastly 5) well we hired someone else for the initial position, but we really like you and want to bring you on. Would you be interested in speaking further about a second position we’d like to create in our communications department?

Obviously the last one is the most promising of the responses. We’ll see what comes of this in 2012.

PS: I finally COMPLETED this one in August of 2012. Wooooot!!!!!!!

6.      Go see a movie by myself. I know this seems like a cinch to some folks, but not to me. I’ve never done it, but I guess I’ll be doing it now. This is strictly one of those get out of my comfort zone type things. I’ve had so many people tell me they enjoy it… I’ll let you know if I do or not.

Edit: 3/31/2011 – haven’t done it yet, but if no one wants to go see Arthur with me (which apparently, a lot of my friends don’t), this may be my chance.

Edit: 5/18/2011 – COMPLETED!!! I saw Something Borrowed yesterday all. by. myself. And it actually wasn’t that weird. Might do it again sometime.

7.      Increase my savings by at least $5000. I suck at saving money. Seriously. Suck. I can do it if I’m doing it for a specific purpose, but just off GP – eh, not so much. And thus my personal savings looks like a crap shot… I want to change that. This is my first attempt at doing so.

Edit 3/31/2011 – I’m working on this. So far, I’ve saved a little under $1000, but I need to do better on this. It helped that my dental work ended up costing me EVEN less than I’d originally thought, but my goal to save $100 per paycheck hasn’t exactly worked out yet.

Edit: 7/26/2011 – Well, this is coming along. I’ve saved up about $3000 so far since December. Don’t get too excited though, because some of that will be going away soon for a project I’m working on for the end of September. I think I forgot about that project when I made this goal, but I’ll still make it work.

Edit: 12/1/2011 – Massive failure. No need to say anything other than that.

8.      Get my bridge (my teeth) done. Not many people know this (although a bunch of people are about to find out now ha ha), but I have 2 fake teeth. I’ve had them since my freshman year in college, actually, and they’re secured in there by a temporary bridge. Temporary being the important word. Well, if you know me, you know I can be a bit of a procrastinator, so 9 years later and I haven’t switched the temporary bridge to a permanent bridge yet. I need to do that asap. This is here so I can get my act together and stop procrastinating. I want to be able to bite into an apple again, guys. Seriously.

Edit: 12/20/2010 – Guess who’s getting her X-ray done when she goes home for Christmas? That’s right… your girl is taking step 1 out of 5 to get this completed. Just 4 more steps to go. le sigh.

Edit: 1/18/2011 – I scheduled my 1st appointment with my dentist for February 3rd, 2011 AND booked my ticket home for that weekend. Now, I’m just waiting on final confirmation of my dental loan to go through and we’re in business, folks.

Edit: 1/25/2011 – Final confirmation went through and my loan check is on its way to me. I also scheduled my appointment for the 2nd/final step to the procedure on March 3rd, 2011. You know what this means? By March 4th, I’ll be able to bite into an apple again (wooot!) and cross this # off the list (double woot!!!). I can’t wait! Added bonus: I just happen to be going home in March during the last weekend of Mardi Gras (triple woot!).

Edit: 2/8/2011 – 1st procedure is completed! I’m still in pain, almost a week later… but no pain, no gain, right? (ouch!)

Edit: 3/31/2011 – COMPLETED!!!!!!! In fact, this has been completed since March 3, 2011 and the pain was gone by March 5th. I’m still adjusting to the teeth… but they’re in there and it certainly feels good to have that finished.

9.      Do something different for myself once a month. I have a tendency to give myself too much sometimes. This doesn’t necessarily sound like a bad thing, and generally it’s not, because I love being there for my friends and family. However, many times I don’t take the time to do things for myself and I also don’t take the time to, as they say, smell the roses. This will force me to do so. Yay ‘me’ time!

Edit: 12/17/2010 – I’m going to the Usher and Trey Songz concert tonight. Woooot! This counts as something for the month of December, right? I’m going to say yes. Yuuuuuup!

Edit: 1/25/2011 – Some friends and I went to Acadiana Restaurant for Restaurant Week in DC and it was amaaaaazing! I would definitely recommend it for anyone who loves seafood. If you don’t know how Restaurant Week works, you basically get the opportunity to go to fancy restaurants and order an appetizer, entree, and dessert for the set price of $30 something. For my meal, I had a trio of deviled eggs (1: topped with caviar, 2: topped with bacon, and 3:topped with lump crab meat), fried catfish with roasted red potatoes and real bacon pieces, topped with sauteed arugula and a tomato sauce, and the BEST vanilla bread pudding I’ve ever had (it was so fluffy, it was like eating whipped cream and came with pecans and a side of praline crunch ice cream). mmmmmmmm…

Edit: 3/31/2011 – For the month of February: I went to NYC for a weekend getaway with CCB and C-Murder. Not only did we have a blast, but it was the very first time I went to NY and it didn’t have anything to do with Jake. I wasn’t staying with him. I didn’t see him. I didn’t even think about the fact that it didn’t have anything to do with him until after we made it back to DC. That was so ridiculously refreshing. You just don’t know.

In March, I finally made my way down to Richmond, VA to visit one of my oldest and dearest friends and we had a nice, low-key girls weekend with me, her, and her cousin(my friend).

Edit: 4/20/2011 – Spa week just ended in DC and I managed to book an appointment on my day off this past Monday. It was glorious.

Edit: 5/18/2011 – I went shopping yesterday for the first time this year really and bought two awesomely fly ass shoes, a great red work bag, and a bunch of beauty stuff (mostly with gift cards, so not that much of my own dough was spent). It was glorious!

Edit: 6/30/2011 – In the first week of June, CCB and I went to the NKOTBSB concert and it was all kinds of awesome!!!

Edit: 7/26/2011 – Well, not sure if this counts, but I purchased a spa-package deal in July that I can use sometime between July and December 31, 2011. Haven’t used it yet, but this is the start to me using it. Does that count??? If not, I am planning to go to H&M this week to try and buy a cute sundress with an H&M gift card I received for my bday. Cross your fingers I find something and that can count as my July thing for myself 🙂

Edit: 8/31/2011 – Well, I bought nine books in the middle of August at a Barnes and Nobles sale (I paid $35 total!!!) and I’ve been taking the time out to actually read them. That means, during free time, I’m taking the time out to relax over a good book, and I’m using the little reading corner I made in my bedroom but haven’t used since like December. YAY!

Edit: 12/1/2011 – September – I participated in spa day with my mom and family members. Got a massage and mani/pedi. It was for my mom’s bday, but I got to get some spa loving as well, so it counts. October – went to an Oyster Festival with TdotB. Will have to come back to this one. November – another spa day! This time by myself… it was all kinds of lovely.

10.   Cook and perfect a new meal once a month for the cookbook. About a year ago, I started taking pictures and writing down the recipes of different meals that I make. I started for a few reasons: 1) I’m not like my grandmother, who can remember how to make things without ever looking at what she’s supposed to be doing. Nah, nah – I need directions, even if I never look at them. I need the comfort of knowing they’re there, and 2) As much as I like to cook (and I think I do a fairly good job – tooting horn real quick), I tend to pretty much cook the same quick meals during normal weeks. Something with baked chicken or fish, some kind of veggie, and some kind of pasta or rice. Its quick and edible, but nothing to write home about.

Anyway, so I started the cookbook and began by cooking, taking photos, and writing down the recipes of things I already knew how to cook. Last month though, I put the first meal in there (a seafood lasagna) that I learned how to cook this year. I want to continue that and to make sure I stay up on it, I’ll be doing it at least once a month. If you’re willing to be a guinea pig, let me know. I’ll need plenty of them! This month, I already have my first test – shrimp sliders.

Edit: 12/17/2010 – I’m making the shrimp sliders this weekend, so I’ll update on that soon… but umm, those praline cookies came out BANGING! Let’s hope the folks I gave them to enjoy them as much as I did ha ha. So I’ll say December is half way done for this number. Heyyy December!

Edit: 12/20/2010 – Soooo those Shrimp Sliders were a HUGE HIT on Saturday! I think I’m starting to like this cooking thing! Now, I have to figure out what I’m going to cook for the month of January. hmmmm.

Edit: 1/18/2011 – Yesterday, I made a corn and crab bisque and it was DELICIOUS! Seriously, if you’re in DC… you should check me out ha ha. Here’s a pic for evidence…. oh yeah, I cut the bread bowl myself too 🙂

Edit: 2/8/2011 – This past weekend, I made a crawfish ravioli that was very good! My mom doesn’t even like ravioli and she went back for seconds ha ha… Check me out!

Edit: 3/31/2011 – in March, I made a Weight Watcher’s approved Crab and Artichoke Dip… as well as Herbed Parmesan Crisps to dip into the dip.

Edit: 4/20/2011 – I actually made a couple new things in April, such as mini-chocolate chip cookies, Italian meatballs, and I’m making Lamb Chops tonight actually – but the highlights are probably the Chicken and Spinach Lasagna I made and the Greek Pizza CCB and I made together.

Edit: 5/18/2011 – My meals for May, a shrimp po-boy and spinach & artichoke dip.

Edit: 6/30/2011 – for June, I made a slightly healthy version of Chicken Parmesan.

Edit: 7/26/2011 – for July, I made a blueberry tart from scratch, crust and everything son lol

Edit: 8/31/2011 – This month, I made pecan waffles and a chicken caesar salad wrap. Below, you’ll see a waffle pictured.

Edit: 12/1/2011:

September – Puerto Rican fried chicken

October – Empanadas

November – Seafood stuffed porkchops

And, last, but not least, CCB’s pick.

11. “One of your 11 dates must be with a guy who you asked out.”
Her Reason: “It’s a scary thought to work up the balls to ask a guy out. But, if you can step out of your comfort zone and ask a man on a date I think it will give you the courage to step out of your dating comfort zone in general and break some of the dating habits you have (like not letting yourself get carried away or not wanting to like a guy too much). Dating makes everybody a little uncomfortable, but if we get stuck living by the rules we set for ourselves then it is less fun (IMHO). Good luck :-) .”

Her pick is actually an add on to one of my first 10.  This is definitely something out of my comfort zone, for as much as I talk about women doing it for themselves and friends accusing me of thinking like a guy on occasion (on occasion = often), I’ve never asked a guy out before. And the only time I’ve even asked guys for their numbers have been liquid filled nights, if you get my drift. Basically, I’m not an aggressive person by nature… I’m a flirt, but usually the guy has to make the first move. CCB feels that this will not only get me out of my comfort zone but give me even more confidence to boot. Wish me luck on this one too, y’all. It’s not like I can seduce the guy my wink action to sweeten the deal ha ha

Edit: 12/30/2010 – So listen, I thought I’d made some big moves towards this one earlier this week, but alas not so much. I will say though, that I completed my first step to getting the confidence to actually do this one ha ha. Long story short, I met a cute guy in the airport on my way home and we chatted it up some and he eventually asked if I had a business card (we were talking about some of the things we do). Now, the D-Magic of 2 months ago would have left well enough alone there and went on her merry way. But nope, I made a point to let him know that the number on the card was my cell number and he should call me sometime before he leaves the city and we could do something. It didn’t work out as planned (which is kinda okay, since I’m still enjoying my NC Chocolate Drop hehe), but it was just fun being that assertive for once…. and not being drunk as an excuse for it lol.

Stay tuned for more!

Edit: 3/31/2011 – ABSOLUTELY no progress on this whatsoever.

Edit: 7/26/2011 – So I actually met this dude who I thought might be someone I could ask out. He seemed like he was fairly into me, but as I got closer to asking him, it seemed like he was less interested than I initially thought. So yeah, nothing on this front just yet.

Edit: 12/1/2011 – So I asked this one guy out in November. He said yes. We agreed on a possible day. That day came and I never heard from him (even though he said he would contact me to verify that we could both still do it that day). Haven’t heard from him since then.

BUT I kind of inadvertently asked this other guy out after that and he agreed and things went well. Waiting to see if CCB approves of this as my #11, but as of now, I’m going to believe that she will and tentatively mark this is as COMPLETED!!!!!

So those are my 11 and I have to say, they’re pretty intense. Hopefully, I can make good on all of them. I should have put “get Darren Sharper to propose to me” on here… but we’ll stick with slightly realistic things for now.

*PS: We’ll be starting this Saturday, December 11th. If anyone wants to join us, you’re more than welcome. But you gotta start when we do, so get your goals ready and let us know if you’re doing it. I hope you are!


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