My Fav Fall Shoes for 2012

12 10 2012

Photo: Victoria’s Secret

It’s officially fall now, and if your weather is anything like mine, you’ve started to feel a bit of a breeze outside. Maybe the leaves have started falling all around you and you’ve started figuring out what jackets you want to wear this season. But more importantly, you’re also wondering what fall shoes you should add to your closet.

Well, to help with this I’ve pulled out a few I think are good for this year. Check them out below and see if there are any you’d be interested in getting.

Madden Girl Zulah Riding Boot

This equestrian-chic boot can be purchased for less than $80 from Victoria’s Secret.

Zigi Soho Spree Bootie

DSW offers these fancy booties for $80 in cobalt blue, black, and ruby red.

Aldo Yodis booties

You can get these cognac booties from Zappos for $100.

Vice Versa Over the Knee Wedge

Get these over the knee soft leather wedges on sale for $100 from Bakers.

BP Mansion Flat

For those looking for a fall boot alternative, these tweed flats from Nordstrom can do just the trick. Get these for $60.

What do you all think? Would you get any of these? And what’s your fav shoes to wear in the fall?


Tip Drill: Shoe Story

23 07 2012


I knew from the very start that day was going to be a long day.


Well, because I’d managed to oversleep both alarms, waking up just in time to rush through my morning routine and still end up 20 minutes late for work. And I’d also committed to speaking at an event after work for a non-profit organization I was a part of.

The speaking portion of my commitment wasn’t necessarily the problem. I’d thoroughly prepared my speech, knew just the points in which I’d be able to get a chuckle out of the audience, and prepared myself for the moment when I’d bring them back down to earth and to the importance of why we were all there.

No, the speech wasn’t the issue.

Sitting at my desk and waiting to leave so I could go to the event was part of the problem. But mostly, my problem had to do with the fact that I’d picked up the wrong shoes in my rush to get out of the apartment at a semi-decent hour. That morning, I’d grabbed my outfit for the evening (a pair of dressy Capri pants, off-green cardi, white tank top and pearls), scooped up my work bag, twirled around trying to figure out what I was forgetting and right before I slammed my door, remembered – ahhh my shoes!

I ran to my shoe closet and picked up the first black pumps I saw, not realizing until I got to the office that I’d chosen the very shoes that I’d previously learned were not made for walking. As much as I loved these shoes – and I did love them – I’d also found out the hard way that a 5 ½ inch heel with no platform was just someone’s idea of torture.

The one time I’d attempted to wear the shoes before was to a formal event right after purchasing them and the entire time I had them on, I was scared for my life. It didn’t help that the floor of the event was marble. Mixing a slippery floor with the fact that I had no balance in my shoes was just not a good combination.

I was hoping that tonight would be different.  But the longer it took for 6pm to come, the more time I had to daydream (day nightmare?) about tipping over and falling flat on my face while speaking. I know that sounds silly, but the way the shoes were constructed, I’d noticed there were definitely moments when I had to lean back so as not to tip over. Could you imagine watching someone speak and just fall forward?? The horror!

I was pure terrified of what was going to happen by the time 5:30 came around. And then, it got worse. I’d previously been extremely confidant in my speech, but my nightmares about the shoes had found a way into other parts of my brain and I was now concerned with everything else as well. What If no one chuckled during the part I expected them to laugh on? What if my crescendo moment didn’t play like I wanted it to? What if the only time people laughed was when I was tipping over and falling flat on my face???

I was a wreck. But somehow I pulled myself together, freshened up my sweaty armpits, made my way to the venue, slid on those hellish yet stylish shoes right before entering, and prayed my way through the event.

When they called my name to come up to the stage, I walked gingerly and hopefully with poise, smiling and praying and clutching my notebook that contained my speech. And miracle of all miracles, I not only made it through the speech without tipping over, I made it through the rest of the event as well.

But as soon as people began to pour out of the building, I kicked those puppies off quicker than Pattie LaBelle could ever dream to do in concert and breathed a sigh of relief. No tipping over happened this time, but I also had no intentions of putting that drill into very much practice. Those shoes would either be relegated to being “sky high” heels or heels I could wear when I knew I’d be sitting most of the time.

Lesson fully and completely learned.

Summer Sandal Showdown

11 06 2012

If your city is anything like DC, it’s 90+ degress outside today and while it’s not technically the beginning of summer yet – you can’t really argue with weather. So let’s go ahead and get ourselves ready… here are 6 sandals I’ve seen lately that make me want to go shoe shopping (not that it’s a hard task to convince me to go shoe shopping lol).

Colin Stuart Rhinestone Gladiator Sandal – Victoria’s Secret

These shimmery sandals are currently on sale for $99, but normally cost $128 from Victoria’s Secret.

Ginger Studded Sandals by Sam Edelman

These studded and strappy sandals can be purchased at Ann Taylor Loft for $100.

Steve Madden Saahti sandals

You can get these dark tan and neon pink sandals at for $70.

Cybele sandals by Dolce Vita

You can get these nude leather sandals from for $169.00.

Jack Rogers’ Harbor Sandals – Last Call (Neiman Marcus)

Save an extra 30% off the already sale price of $89 if you get these sandals today from

BX by Bronx Woven Sandal – DSW

Head to DSW to get these leather woven sandals for $54.95.

Are you excited for the summer now? Purchased any new sandals this year?

PS: Do you remember when I highlighted these sandals? Yep, still want them. Darn my shoe addiction!

Get WEDGED up!

14 05 2012

The other day, I wrote about how I recently purchased two pairs of wedges even though it’s not typically a style I gravitate to – something about how they tend to lean towards being chunky and tacky tends to turn me off – but since then, I’ve seen my fair share of really cute ones out and about.

So in honor of those shoes (and to jump start the blog back into a 3 posts a week format), here are 8 wedges I found online that I would recommend.Many of them are perfect for the new warmer weather we’ve been getting on the East Coast lately, and some are just classics that can be worn at any time of the year:

Jessica Simpson Colorblock peep toe – Victoria’s Secret

With a 5 3/4″ wedge heel and a 1 3/4″ platform, these imported suede wedges can be purchased from Victoria’s Secret’s online catalog for $110.

Marina Liege T-Strap Wedge by Christian Louboutin

These Christian Louboutin wedges can be found at Neiman Marcus for the low price (for CL’s – at least) of $675. The t-straps with button closure have a 5 1/2″ cork wedge heel and 1 1/4″ platform, and also have the signature red sole.

STREMLOW wedges by Aldo

These tribal-influenced wedges have a 4 in platform and can be purchased from Aldo for $80. The platform wedge has an almond toe and a braided rope sole.

Vail Patent Leather d’Orsay Wedges by Michael Kors

For $195, you can get these classic KORS Michael Kors wedges from Neiman Marcus. It has dipped sides and leather lining and insole.

West Coast Wardrobe Wedges from Boutique To You

Boutique To You, an online store, offers these cute West Coast Wardrobe Neon Heights Wedges for a mere $42.

L.A.M.B. Inesa from Zappos

With leather lining, upper, and sole, these tan and black wedges will cost you $345. They have a 6 in heel and 2 1/2 in platform.

Bianca Open Toe Wedges by Madewell

Madewell’s Bianca Open Toe Wedges will cost you $178 from online store, The patent leather pumps have a 3.75 in heel.

Calcagni Wedges from Aldo

Aldo offers these particular wedges in numerous colors, including fuscia (pictured), purple, beige, red, peach, yellow, and black. They have a suede/leather upper that wraps over a wedge platform. They also have a 5 in heel with a 1 1/2 platform.

Christmas Lingerie, Mistletoe, and other Items I have that don’t get Used Regularly

29 11 2011

I have mistletoe in my apartment.

This is nothing new, though. It’s been a part of my Christmas decorations for the past several years, actually. Except that for some reason, it’s rarely been used. Well, at least by me… I had a roommate for many of those years, so I can’t speak to whether it was used by anyone else.

But for me – the person who purchased the mistletoe… mmmm, maybe two or three times? In like five years. Talk about pathetic. And the crazy part is that it’s not because I’ve been alone all these years during Christmas. I’ve had guys I’m seeing around this time. But they’ve either been long distance or if they lived here and came over to my place, they weren’t all that keen on waiting to kiss me under some bush hanging from the arch of my kitchen doorway. In fact, the only times I’ve been kissed under said mistletoe was when I purposely stood underneath it and said, “ahem… don’t you see me standing under the mistletoe?” and did my standing underneath the mistletoe dance, which is very similar to my “hey look at my sexy side tattoo” dance. You have to see it to get its impact.

Either way, the point is that the mistletoe doesn’t get used very often. And yet, every year I continue to put it up as part of the decorations. Maybe I need to start wearing the hats the guys in high school used to wear with the mistletoe connected to get my guy to kiss me underneath it?

Who knows.

But the mistletoe isn’t the only Christmas item not getting used.

Every year, I also find myself buying Christmas lingerie. Even though I’ve yet to date many guys who want or care about lingerie. You know the ones who have liked it? The ones that were long distance… oh yeah, that helps… especially prior to me getting a Skype account. Now tell me what sense it makes for a woman to have an entire drawer section of red and white, white, and red lingerie (some with bows to unwrap lol) when she consistently dates men who would rather she not bother with it at all? It’s like Victoria’s Secret knows where I’m weak and they know that come December, I can’t manage to turn down the amazing lingerie offers they tend to send to customers.

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there – I have Christmas candles that never get lit, Christmas cupcake makers that are never put in the oven, and at least 4 left over Christmas cards from each year for the past 3 or 4 years. I suppose in the next 3 years, I won’t have to buy a set of Christmas cards. I can just compile all the left over ones into one set.

I’m like a Christmas hoarder almost. I keep buying stuff for the holiday and they just sit in my apartment, never getting used. Is it just me though? Do you have items you purchase or continue to have for the holidays, even though you don’t use them regularly? Don’t leave me out here alone in my holiday craziness lol.

Now, THIS is what I call Love

17 02 2011

“This is love, this is love. Oh I think I’m falling for you…” ~ This is Love, Regina Belle

The other day, I asked what it means to love… and I think I have my answer (for now, at least lol)…

Christian Louboutins


Aldo Shoes


Rupert Sanderson

Steve Madden




Victoria’s Secret


This looks like love to me… am I right? lol

The Inherent Benefits of a S3X Buddy

20 12 2010

Is this all you're thinking of wearing for your s3x buddy? that's fine.

Quick disclaimer – this is not necessarily a promotion for having a s3x buddy; just me saying that if you’re going to have one, go hard or go home.

Throughout the lifespan of this blog, I’ve been fairly open about my opinion on s3x buddies: I think more people could have them successfully if certain rules are followed. (What I don’t think folks should get into is the grey, friend with benefits distinction… That’s when you start doing things like spending the night, cuddling, hanging out without having s3x, and basically confusing the ish out of each other.)

And yet, even though we’ve discussed the topic of s3x buddies, we’ve never actually discussed the benefits of having one. Here’s where you say, “ummm you get s3x, duh,” right? Sure, that’s one benefit… But trust me, there’s more! And I say this as someone who successfully pulled off a 4 year s3x buddy relationship with no problems.*

Go hard or Go home

Recently, some friends and I got into a conversation about whether it was OK to wear lingerie with your SB. Some said that it might be too much and that it was something only for your man, but then some said – ‘ummm if the point of your relationship is s3x, then you should get everything s3xually out of this relationship that you want.’ Meaning, if you want to wear lingerie – where it. If you want to try a position in every room of the house – do it. And if you want to open the door with just a bow on for Christmas – tie it. Lol

To me, this is the biggest benefit of having an SB. You can do anything and everything you want with this person. Some people may save those things for their man… I’ve heard women say that before. Heck, I’ve been the woman who’s said that before… But the more I thought about it, it just seemed like a faulty distinction. If you had a car that could drive smoothly at 150 mph and you never (safely) took it to at least 90, what the h3ll is the point of getting that car?

You feel me?

Once I realized that, the idea that I wouldn’t do anything I wanted with him (that we agreed on, of course) just seem ludicrous. But maybe that’s just me. This leads me to the next benefit, though.

Experiment All You Want

Oh, you say you’ve never had phone s3x, but you want to try it? If you have an SB, what are you waiting for? After having the conversation with my friends this weekend, it dawned on me that out of the men I’ve been with, the person I’d been with most was Cosby. The person I’d tried the most stuff with was Cosby. The person with whom I’d tried out my signature move 1st was, wait for it, Cosby.

And guess what, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Now, sure – I guess the 1st choice would be for those things to have come with someone who was my man… And there have certainly been things that I’ve learned or perfected with men who were my man… but there’s also been a significant amount that have come from Cosby. Because, I mean, if you can’t try out new moves or new places or new things with your SB, then you should probably reevaluate you guys’ situation.

Boost your confidence without Boosting your numbers

Maybe you don’t care about that kind of thing, or your numbers are so high (or low) a few extra people won’t hurt… but think about it – if you have one consistent s3x buddy for however long you two choose to be together, you significantly impact the number of people you’ve been with. As one of my girls put it, it doesn’t matter how many times I am with you, you still count as one person.

But more importantly, you should be boosting your s3xual confidence in this relationship. I mean, can you really be timid if you have a relationship built strictly on s3x? Does that work? And if so, wheretheydothatat?

Anyway, what say you, dear readers? Did I miss any inherent benefits on here? And who’s going out to buy that bow for Christmas? ha ha

*Yes, it was actually successful for 4 years. The two years after that, not so much. Where we went wrong was that we started doing things other than s3x. I’m just talking about what I’m talking about here, people lol.