Celebrity Shoe Spotlight Follow-up — Tamar Collection

12 03 2015
Photo courtesy of TamarCollection.com

Photo courtesy of TamarCollection.com

If you’ll recall, I actually did a celebrity shoe spotlight on Tamar a couple years ago, but since then she’s started her Tamar Collection line, and wouldn’t you know it — it includes some very stylish shoes! And all for less than $100 a pair.

I think that deserves a follow-up post, no?

One thing I love about Tamar is that she enjoys a fabulous, statement shoe, but she doesn’t like to “spend a lot of coins” on it. I think that’s something we all can appreciate, right? So while you’re waiting for that next tax return check to buy your favorite Christian Louboutins (don’t think I don’t know some of y’all do that), you should take a look below at some of her offerings. I could totally see myself in the nude pump, the bootie, and the black studded sandal (at least!).

What do you all think? Will you be venturing into the Tamar Collection? And if so, which shoes do you have your eye on?

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Celebrity Shoe Spotlight — Sarah Jessica Parker

27 01 2014
Photo credit: O Magazine

Photo credit: O Magazine

How is that I’ve done twelve of these celebrity shoe spotlight posts and never featured the grand dame of shoe celebrities — Sarah Jessica Parker?! I mean, what was I thinking, right? Not only did she inspire a generation of young women as her character Carrie, in Sex and the City, with her love for shoes and her crazy relationships… but she continues to wow with her very own shoe selections.

Well, with her recent reveal that she will be partnering with Manolo Blahnik for her very own shoe line (coming this February at Nordstrom), I could no longer wait to talk about the awesome-ness of the lady many refer to as simply, SJP.

If you’ve ever paid attention to Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe collection, you’ve probably noticed something that I find to be a great tenet of the best shoe collections — so much variety. Remember when I talked about how I go into my closet and see what’s missing before I purchase a new pair? Well, SJP epitomizes this concept to the fullest. You really never know what she’s going to pull out for her outfit — and I just love that!

One day she’ll rock a simple, yet chic pair of white pumps, the next day it’ll be a pair of silvery grey gladiator heels, and the next day some purple suede boots that rise up to her knees. I mean, the woman not only has a variety of shoes in her arsenal, she clearly also believes in a statement shoe. And for that, she has to be recognized.

Here are some looks that have stood out to me over the years from SJP.

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Are you looking forward to her shoe line? I know I plan to splurge and at least get myself one pair this year. What about you? And do you have plans to check your closet to see what styles or colors are missing?