GUEST POST — Dancing the Night Away: A Shoe Story

29 07 2014
Photo: black patent leather pumps from Nine West

Photo: black patent leather pumps from Nine West

Today’s guest blogger comes to us from the blog, Cake and Eggs. Brenda is a an aspiring author, occupational therapist, introvert, foodie, voracious reader, and someone I’ve been wanting to get on here to do a guest shoe story for quite some time now. (So glad she finally agreed!!) You can check out her blog by clicking the link attached to it and/or follow her on Twitter @cakeandeggs.


By Brenda, Guest Blogger

“Hey, I’m Martin.”

“I’m Brenda.”

We met the night before at River walk. He was the groom-to-be’s friend and too damn cute for his (or my) good. We didn’t speak much past the basic pleasantries, but I spent a lot of time looking. He was tall with broad shoulders and impressive biceps, a football player’s body. My favorite part though? His smile, it was almost shy.

I was not supposed to go to the wedding reception; I was simply on vacation and roommates with the bride’s cousin. Last minute — and I mean super last minute due to flaky guests — I found myself at the reception, seated a few tables away from my new crush. I was dressed a bit casual for the wedding, the dressiest thing I had with me was a short black and white flowered dress with a deep V-neck that I paired with my black patent leather nine west heels.
Back then, I wasn’t a big dancer, not in public anyway, but surrounded by my roommates I felt more uninhibited.

Plus this girl was trying to catch the attention of a certain man.

It’s hard to remember which song brought me to the dance floor but while going wild to Justin Timberlake’s Sexyback, I whirled around mid-shoulder shake and found myself face to face with my crush.

A slow smile spread across my face before I could stop myself. We stared at each other for a long moment until I blurted, “I love this song ” over the music.

“Me too!” he yelled back. This was our entire conversation that night. It was not about the words, it was the connection and the dancing.

After a spirited dance session, things slowed down a bit for the bouquet toss. I have always been an overly enthusiastic participant in this tradition because why not? I was a hopeless romantic .

The bride tossed her bouquet in the air and without even trying; I caught it.
Guess who caught the garter? It was like a scene straight out of my favorite Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy. We posed for pictures, his arm draped around my waist, and later, I danced with him while winking at my roommates over the vast expanse of his shoulder.

Three hours later, the DJ announced the last dance of the night.

Before this wedding, I could not even tell you who sang this song but on this particular night, they were reading my mind. He put on (I’ve Had) The Time of my Life, and I danced with Malik as if it was my last, belting the lyrics at the top of my lungs. I was sad to see the night end knowing I might not see him again.

Once the song faded, I walked over to the table slightly limping after hours of dancing in heels and began gathering my things. I pretended not to watch him greet his friends and saunter out of the room without saying goodbye. I swallowed back my disappointment and pretended not to care.

That is until I felt someone tap my shoulder, and I turned around thinking it was one of my roommates.

Instead it was Martin. He smiled that shy smile of his again.

“Can I have your number so I can call you sometime?”


Why I Love Romantic Comedies

13 03 2013

People always ask me why I like romantic comedies so much. Its because even under extraordinary circumstances, the right two people can end up together. – Mindy Kaling

I know it’s cliche. I know it is. But I really love romantic comedies. I like the cheesiness that usually comes with them, the campy flavor, the impossible win at the end for our favorite hero or heroine, and of course, the meet cute.

There are weekends when I’ll just decide instead of going out, I’m going to lay on my sofa and just partake in the wonderment of these stories. I laugh with them, I cry with them, heck – I even try to will the main characters into not making that big mistake I know will make their journey to happiness longer (but of course it wouldn’t be a movie without it).

But it wasn’t until I was watching Mindy Kaling’s TV show, The Mindy Project, the other day that I was finally able to explain why. You see there’s just something about that inevitable happy ending that makes my inner hopeless romantic smile. Some folks may think the happy endings are too unlikely, but I’ve always believed in the power of a connection between the two right people. And regardless of how you feel about them, romantic comedies definitely support that theory.

Let’s think about some of the more famous ones that have come out: in those, you’ve had people end up together despite living in a different country, despite a love-hate relationship at work, despite the fact that the woman was engaged to someone else (who of course, she didn’t truly love), despite onset Alzheimer’s, despite an initial betrayal, despite the fact that they didn’t like each other when they first met, and despite the fact that they thought they were just friends. Talk about extraordinary circumstances, right?!

But the beautiful thing about romantic comedies is that while they let those circumstances play out (kind of how they do in our own lives), you still know that THOSE two people are going to be together before the credits roll. You get to smile at the end and bask in things working out for someone (even if it’s a fictional someone) and also imagine your own happy ending.

I guess what I’m saying is that I finally realized one of the biggest reasons I love romantic comedies is because they give me hope. They remind me to keep believing in happy endings, that despite how things look and despite whatever “extraordinary” circumstances I may encounter, whoever I’m supposed to end up with will still be there.

Looking for My Meet Cute

7 01 2013


Meet cute: n. A situation in which a future romantic couple meets for the first time in a way that is considered adorable, entertaining, or amusing (according to Wikipedia).

Do you watch romantic comedies? I do. Probably a little too much, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is in most romantic comedies, there’s always that one scene you can pinpoint when the two leading characters meet, and even if it doesn’t go swimmingly in the very beginning – you just KNOW those two are going to end up together by the end of the movie. And nooooo, it’s not just because they’re the two main characters. Even in a movie with several people, the meet cute is there for you to know – these two folks, yeah they’re meant for each other.

Sometimes the characters meet in a funny way or even in a dramatically ridiculous way, like when Matthew McConaughey rescues Jennifer Lopez from a dumpster that’s rolling towards her just as her heel gets caught in the sewer drain in the beginning of The Wedding Planner. Sometimes it’s a little more subdued, like when Jennifer Lopez meets Alex O’Laughlin in The Back-Up Plan while they’re both trying to get into the same cab (hmmm, JLO’s been in a lot of romantic comedies, clearly). But regardless of how it’s done, it sets the tone for the rest of the movie.

Now, I get that it’s just the movies. I’m not crazy, promise. But, that’s the beauty of romantic comedies, right? They give you that 90-120 minutes of time to fantasize about how you would want things to go with your potential partner. You get to enjoy seeing two people come together who didn’t think they would, and you get to bask in the eventual perfectness of it all working out in the end.

So why can’t at least some of that translate to real life? Who wouldn’t want to one day tell their grandkids all about the time Mawmaw and Pawpaw met when they bumped into each other at the train station or how they kept running into the same person at all the different functions they went to and one day, there was just that spark of a connection they could no longer deny? How adorable, right? Am I crazy? Is that too hopeless romantic-ey of me?

Is it wrong if I don’t care that it is? Because I think it would be absolutely amazing to have my own meet cute with the future Mr. D-Magic. And more and more, I’m starting to hope it happens sooner rather than later.