Moving Mountains in 2015

18 12 2014
stolen from a friend's facebook page

stolen from a friend’s facebook page

Around this time every year, people tend to get really reflective. They start thinking about the good and bad they’ve been through during that year. They wonder if they did enough. Made enough of a difference. Laughed enough. Lived enough. They sometimes look forward to spending time with family and sometimes look forward to being alone (away from all the chaos).


I definitely look forward to spending a good week at home in New Orleans with my family. It gets crazy. It gets loud. And I’ll probably gain about 5 pounds. But I’ll be home with my peeps doing amazing things like hopefully watching the Saints play their way into a playoff berth, sentimental things like putting up Christmas decorations while singing all the songs from the Jackson 5 Christmas album, and silly things like rolling around on the floor with my godchildren, cousins, etc…

But even in the midst of all that, I’ll be working on some of the goals I’ve already made for myself in 2015. I’ll be pushing forward already on some things I know I want to accomplish, because I know without my works, my faith means nothing.

And since I believe my faith has grown over the past year, that means my works have to step up to the plate as well.

To that end, I have a laundry list of things I’ll be working on. Not to the point where I burn myself out, but to the point where I know I definitely won’t look back on 2015 with regret. And it’s not that I have regrets for 2014; let me not make it seem like that’s the case. By all accounts, 2014 has been a good year for me. I got a promotion at the beginning of the year. I’ve traveled around the country (a lot). I’ve spent a significant amount of time with some of my favorites in this world. I saw 3 really close friends get married in person (one in which I was in the wedding). I had an amazing 31st birthday. A lot started coming together for the book I’m working on. I’ve dated (some good and some bad lol) and was finally honest with myself about the person I really wanted to be with. I mean, it’s been good!

It’s just that I know, despite the things I’ve accomplished, there have also been a few times where I let my doubts stop me.

A few times when my doubts created mountains that I then had to move when they shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

I didn’t have a phrase for that until earlier this week when I saw the above meme on a friend’s page, and it hit me like a lightning bolt. What I can’t do, what I won’t do, in 2015 is allow my doubts to create mountains in my life. That’s my resolution. That’s the overarching theme of the laundry list of my goals. Because listen, some of these goals are scary as all get out, but that’s what makes them so amazing. And that’s what’s going to make 2015 the year of mountain moving in my life.

Do you all have any goals you want to share for the new year? Any reflections you’ve been thinking of lately? I probably won’t have any new material for the next couple weeks, but I wish you all the happiest of holidays and the best new year to come!




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18 12 2014

Thank you for always being transparent with us and Happy Holidays to you as well.

Yes, I have been reflecting. I don’t have a New Years Resolution this time around. However, I do have a phrase that I started to live by daily as of recent. The phrase is, “Because I trust God….”.

The year 2014 has been a year of purging. God separated me from people that I’ve known for 10+ years and striped me of everything and everyone I ran to instead of Him. I made a lot of mistakes in 2013 and it has taken me an entire year to recover. My faith was challenged in more ways than one and I learned that taking things into your own hands only hurts you and delays what God has in store.

Because I trust God, I refuse to stress over things I can not change. Because I trust God, I no longer wonder if I’ll meet my husband in the current or next year. Because I trust God, I won’t worry about the job and career promotion. Because I trust God, I won’t worry about getting a book deal. Because I trust God, I won’t continue to seek temporary pleasures to fill a void only God has the capacity to fill.

Do I have things I want to accomplish? Yes. Will I worry or obsess about them happening in 2015? No. I don’t know what tomorrow holds or what next year has in store. But today, I’m joyful, I’m grateful, I have an amazing family, my health is great, I have a roof over my head, I laugh freely, and I’m in a good place physically, mentally, and spiritually. I think that’s what God was trying to get me to realize all along.

When I gave my life to Christ, I accepted God’s will for my life. That meant that everything I HAD PLANNED FOR MYSELF withered away if it didn’t align with God’s will. Whatever path I’m taken on next, I’m okay with “Because I trust God…”

19 12 2014

Wow. Okay, so can I just tell you that I had a full on moment reading your comment just now? Like a full on moment. Thank you for reminding me that my trust in God goes above all other things, and thank you for sharing your testimony here as well.

Really, when you think about it, your mantra and mine kind of go together right? Because if your faith is mature enough, then you begin to move and believe and act like someone who knows “because I trust God…” all will work out for the good of me. It’s funny how easy it can be to forget that though.

I actually have two tattoos that help each other create one sentence, right? One says “through faith and trust in God…” and the other says “the best is yet to come.” I truly believe that, but there are times when I let things (like various fears) cause me to not doubt the truth in the sentence, but doubt how it will look in my life (if that makes any sense).

But I think, especially based on your comment here, 2015 is going to be something really extraordinary for both of us. And I can’t wait to see what God has in store 🙂

20 12 2014

Thank you.

Yes they go together! I’m sure at one point you feared creating this blog because you weren’t sure how people would respond or if anyone would period. Yet here you are encouraging others through your obedience to God. Your tattoo “through faith and trust in God” reflects that. You’re successful not by numbers, but by doing what you were instructed to do.

I can promise you, God’s way will never look or come together the way we have imagined in our heads. We’ve imagined the engagements, promotions, interviews, acceptance speeches, etc. However, just trust God has it all figured out. And no, He doesn’t have to consult us on the plans of our lives lol. He will definitely interrupt some moments lol.

I’m sure like any other year 2015 will have it’s good moments and we’ll have a few moments we’d wish we could avoid or fast forward. I would have never imagined 2014 would require me being distant and pruned. Sometimes it’s our year of purging and sowing, so that we can eventually reap the benefits.

It has all been figured out for you. Don’t let fear keep you from reaching the potential God knows that you have. Happy Holidays!

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