Five More Great Fall Date Ideas

11 11 2014
Photo credit: Darby Baham

Photo credit: Darby Baham

Autumn is in the air. And despite the fact that it was 40 degrees this weekend in the District and snowing last week in Chicago, I’m determined to try to enjoy the fall season before it officially turns into winter.

It’s such a pretty season, really. The leaves start turning to these beautiful amber and golden colors, and they litter the ground everywhere, making folks (me) want to skip everywhere they go so they can kick up fallen crispy leaves along the way. The weather, when not being all wonky, is the 2nd perfect blend of seasons (spring is the 1st lol)… sunny but not hot, brisk but not cold. You might need a jacket but it can be one of those cute nonfunctional ones instead of the big bulky utility ones that you have to wear when the temp drops to 30 and below.

And you know what else autumn brings? Really cool opportunities for dates.

Such as?

Such as watching the sunset from a really cool outside setting. The great thing about the fall is that since the sun sets so early, you can make plans to watch it set about 5:30 on a Saturday and not have to worry about it getting to be too late. Bonus points if you can find a historical or beautifully landscaped spot to do so. Monuments in DC maybe? The Empire State building in NY? The observatory in LA? All really great options.

Attend a music festival – most people tend to think of these happening in the summer, but really your best bet is to find one in the spring or fall so the weather’s not too hot because you’ll be there all day. Voodoo Fest in New Orleans is a great suggestion – and if you get your tickets early enough, not that expensive to get down there.

Basketball game — Last time I talked about attending a football game, but how did I forget to mention the basketball options? Well there are plenty of pluses here. A: it’s indoors, which is great if it’s 40 degrees in your locale. B: you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to go. Now you probably won’t be courtside, but basketball games do have fairly reasonable options when it comes to pricing! And there’s nothing like adding a little competition into a date if you end up going to a game where your teams are playing each other.

Be a tourist in your city, but not just in any random way. You can do fun stuff like a city wide scavenger hunt or one of those double decker tours if you live in a big tourist city. But go all out! Maybe come up with accents and different names and play around like you have no idea of anything in the city. You’re bound to meet some interesting folks, maybe learn some things you didn’t know before, and get some good laughs in as well.

Go for hot cocoa and s’mores. Everyone always thinks of ice cream dates for the summer, but what’s the equivalent when the cooler temps start settling in. Hot cocoa! Google some of the best places in your city for hot cocoa, get a cup each, and just walk around getting to know each other. The hot cocoa will help keep you warm on your walk and maybe inspire some canoodling between the two of you as well.

Any other ideas you all have?

And what’s your favorite date you’ve gone on in the fall? What made it so nice?




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12 11 2014

With temps now in the 20s and 30s in Chicago for Fall, going to a basketball game or watching a game at a sports bar is preferable these days for us.

Best date in the Fall: Oddly, I like Target/Walmart dates. Walking around the store gives you time to talk and also pick up on little things about them and their personal preferences. If you go past the toy aisle you can reminisce about throwback video/games and toys and you’ll see if he still has a youthful side. No one wants a guy that can’t have fun.

13 11 2014

Gosh! And I’m visiting Chicago in a couple weeks, so all I can say to those temps is “YIKES!!”

I actually really love the Target/Walmart idea. Someone else I read on occasion mentioned it as one of his favorite dates to go on last year, and it struck me as being really simple but also kind of genius. I can see how you can learn so much on one of those trips. Not to mention, it will show you how fun (or not fun) that person can be in unconventional date settings. I’ve never done the Target/Walmart thing specifically, but I have gone to H&M and to the grocery store with a guy I’m dating… and it showed me a lot about him and our interactions with each other.

16 11 2014

How did the clothing date go? I went to Macys with a guy before as our first date and I literally became the human clothing rack because he loved to shop. He was a great dresser but it wasn’t too much fun. However, he did introduce me to Chipotle which I now love.

17 11 2014

Well it wasn’t a first date, but it was actually pretty awesome! He needed some sweaters, and I was kind of honored that he wanted my opinion on what he should get. Now, this guy is NOT a shopper. So we really spent most of our time making fun of the things we didn’t like, and then pulling together a few of the ones we did.

But it was a success. He came out of there with about 5 new sweaters. And I got to feel his chest on several occasions (to you know, make sure the fabric was good enough on him lol 😉

And hey, your guy deserves a few points for introducing you to Chipotle. That is a wonderful establishment lol

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