Let’s Be Clear — On Robin Thicke’s Attempts to “Get Her Back”

1 07 2014

I get it. I do. He wants his girl back.

But yooooooooo — I don’t think this is working like he’s hoping for it to.

Now, maybe it is. We don’t know the intricacies of their relationship. So maybe I’m wrong, and Paula is putty in his hands now — but something tells me that’s not the case.

And while I’m all for being open and honest with your partner, all of his recent antics just remind me of another “famous” instance where a guy tried to make a grand showing to his girl, when he would have had a better chance doing something private and genuine and sincere. Do you all remember the disaster that was rapper, Joe Buddens, proposing to his ex in Times Square and having her say no in front of their families, friends, and the camera crew? Yea… not a good look.

You know why? Because she didn’t want a grand gesture. She wanted to see him consistently put in effort to be there for her and to be considerate of her. The grand gesture (in that instance and in this Paula Patton instance) just comes off looking like desperation and manipulation, but not at all sincere.

I mean, let’s think about this for a second. If it’s true that part of why she wanted a separation was because she felt he was embarrassing her, does it really make sense to then use what may be real text messages between them about the failure of their marriage on his music video? How is that not even more embarrassing? She probably feels like she can’t even leave the house right now without being asked questions about Robin getting her back! That doesn’t seem to be taking away the embarrassing factor at all.

And if those text messages are real, it says something that her response to “I wrote a whole album for you,” was “I don’t care.”

Ouch. On a hundred thousand trillion.

That text message alone would make me rethink my strategy. And yet, there was Robin Thicke on the BET Awards this Sunday replaying the same shtick he’s been doing since last year. The same shtick that by most accounts hasn’t actually gotten her back.

What I find most interesting though is the response from the public. For the most part, it seems like there’s a bit of a divide on if this is working. Some are with me and think that his approach is completely off base. But I’ve seen some women pitying him and some guys truly confused about what more Paula could possibly want. I’ve heard them say things like, “he’s publicly embarrassing himself for her! Isn’t that enough to show how much he loves her!” And to that, all I can say is that if it were me — I wouldn’t believe a word he was saying because it comes off as him trying to persuade the public, instead of getting into the dirty details with his partner. And anytime a woman doesn’t feel you’re being genuine, you have a long way to go to winning her heart or winning it back.

What do you all think? How would you feel if your beau was trying to get you back in this kind of manner? Would you find it sweet and enduring or manipulating and not effective?




4 responses

1 07 2014

I agree with you. Perhaps one grand gesture would be sufficient, but this on and on, ‘woe is me without you’ look is starting to look pitiful. It does seem he’s wanting public attention (and pity) moreso than Paula’s forgiveness. That way, everyone will be in Paula’s ear with “Girl, you should take him back..look he’s on tv again singing for you.” I don’t think I would be moved at all.

1 07 2014

Exactly!!! Why waste your time pleading to the public when it would seem to be much more effective to go your ass home, ask her what she needs from you to regain her trust, and then go about doing that?

I wouldn’t be moved at all either. In fact, I’d be sitting at home, drinking my tea, thinking “this dude still doesn’t know who the BLEEP I am!” And “he’s just trying to sell records — this isn’t about me at all.”

1 07 2014

You nailed it with this line right chea: “I wouldn’t believe a word he was saying because it comes off as him trying to persuade the public, instead of getting into the dirty details with his partner.”

Robin needs to go sit down somewhere. There was one text where she said, “I don’t know who you are anymore.” And I thought to myself, Robin did turn kind of douchy over the years.

I actually had his first album when he had the Jesus hair. I’m pretty sure that Paula was probably increasingly getting fed up with him acting brand new. And when you have been with someone since high school, see them achieve major success after trying so hard to get put on and being more of an independent artist to becoming the summer song of the year you can’t avoid hearing ever… he let it all go to his head. Period. I loved his first two albums and now, I can’t eff with him. Paula, keep on stepping. He’s more about his public campaign than about her. She knows him. It’s just sad all of these block head people think all of this public begging should make her change her mind. When a woman’s fed up…

2 07 2014

Girl, right! When a woman’s fed up indeed…

I just don’t understand what he could possibly think all the public apologizing is doing, but pissing her off even more. I saw someone suggest that this is all to revamp his image for the next woman. Maybe, but I really do think he wants Paula back. I just think he wants to do it the “easy” way by pressuring her back, instead of changing what was wrong in the first place.

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