Celebrity Shoe Spotlight — Jennifer Lopez

5 06 2014
Photo: popdirt.com

Photo: popdirt.com

She may be Jenny from the Block, but she’s also one of my favorite shoe-fashionistas. The thing about Jennifer Lopez is that her shoes definitely help bring out her sexy persona, and I’m such a fan of that. Look at the way she walks, the way she stands/poses — it’s all in the shoes baby! And because of that, I believe she’s learned which ones work best for her, which ones highlight her outfit and curves in just the right way, and which times she needs a statement shoe or just a shoe to help the fit stand out.

We can all take a little lesson from this — it’s not necessarily all about the shoe, but it’s what the shoe can do for you. To me, that means when you’re dressing an outfit, it’s important to figure out what silhouette this shoe will help create for you, as well as what kind of aura it will help you give off. Trying to pull off a professional sophisticated look? Maybe gladiator heels aren’t the move that time. But pumps could also be too serious for your next occasion (although, I mean — I pretty much think a pump goes for any event you’d wear a heel to, but I’m biased because I just looove how they look on my legs). Going for a playful and flirty look — maybe you want to try a strappy sandal?

JLO shows me that she (or her stylists) consider those kinds of questions before she decides on her shoes that day. Take a look below to see some I thought stood out above the rest.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Are there any of her looks you’d like to try? And what’s your favorite shoe silhouette on you and why?




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