Things I’d Rather My Guy Do for My Birthday than Buy Me Jewelry

22 05 2014

As I’ve mentioned on here a few times now, my birthday just recently passed. And in case you weren’t aware, I’m real big on birthdays. I celebrate mine like it’s a holiday. And I make a point to celebrate the birthday of my loved ones like it’s a holiday as well.

So because most of my friends and family know how big of a birthday person I am, I inevitably get at least one of the following questions: What would you like for your birthday? What do you want for your birthday?

And as frustrating as it is for them, my answer is usually that I don’t know.

Part of that is because as I get older, I find that if I really want something, I just go ahead and get it for myself instead of waiting for my birthday or Christmas for someone else to do so. But it’s also because I am absolutely one of those people where the thought of the gift matters more than the gift itself. Get me some really nice jewelry that you happen to get everyone else every year — it just won’t be as significant to me. But take the time to make me a card, when you didn’t do that for anyone else (or only for a select few)? Now that, I will cherish.

This year, I suppose because my friends and family are tired of hearing me say “I don’t know,” only two people asked me what I wanted. Somehow, I was able to scrounge up something for them, but the really special presents came from those who just took it upon themselves to do something (or those who gave money — because you can never go wrong with that). This got me to thinking about what I would want my guy to do or get for me. Back in 2012, I mentioned that all I really needed was acknowledgment of the day, and that’s true to an extent if it’s early on in a relationship — but let’s be real, most people want something if you’re with the person.

After some careful thought, here’s what I came up with:

Spend quality time with me — This is an addendum to the acknowledgment post, and mostly comes from my renewed sense of the importance of time I recently blogged about. Thing is, I tend to lead a pretty busy life and also tend to date guys who lead pretty busy lives. So sometimes, the most special thing a guy can do for me is just to carve out some time for the two of us to spend together doing absolutely nothing.

Surprise me with, well, anything — Another reason I don’t like telling folks what I want is because I enjoy (good) surprises. So when someone calls me unexpectedly at midnight on my birthday, it’s such a great feeling! Or if I showed up at work and find a bouquet of flowers from my guy — listen, I would be over the moon. That happened once from someone who wasn’t quite my guy, and I was over the moon, so you know… Shoot, SGWMMS called me from out of town unexpectedly this year, and I’m pretty sure I was cheesing for a good ten minutes afterward. Basically, surprises never fail folks.

Take care of something I can’t do — There’s not a lot I can’t figure out on my own, but some stuff just isn’t for me. Like these knick knack shelves I’ve been meaning to mount on my living room wall for the past few months. I don’t have a power drill, nor do I know how to use a power drill, nor do I want to know how to use a power drill. But I want these shelves up, so coming home to some freshly mounted shelves would be the perfect present. Or having my guy walk up to the apartment, swaggin’ with the power drill in his hand….. mmmmmhmmmm, now that would be a happy birthday!

Sing to me/Play an instrument (if you can) — I’ve already mentioned how I love it when a man sings to me, even if he can’t really sing. But sing Happy birthday to me?! I’m guaranteed to be all swooney afterward if we’re together. Same goes if you play an instrument. Last year, a guy I’d gone on a few dates with called and played the Happy birthday song and followed it up with “When the Saints Go Marching In” on his trumpet. I was so in awe while listening to it on the phone. You should have seen me. I was all like, “for me?! Really?!” My friends next to me were cracking up laughing, but whatever, it’s not about them.

Create or buy something with only me in mind — For example, last year most of my really close friends turned 30. And because it was such a milestone birthday, I wanted to make sure I got them presents that they would really like, but also that were special to just them. So what did I do? One friend’s favorite Disney movie is Cinderella, so I got her a ticket to go see it on Broadway. Another friend loves dressing up and getting fancy, but no longer had a full length mirror, so I got her a HUGE one that matched the exact color of furniture in her bedroom. Another friend loooooves hats and functions she can wear them to, so I got her a custom made fascinator she could wear to any fundraiser, church, or fancy brunch she decided to attend. And they loved their gifts! My guy wouldn’t have to always go all out like that, but just by taking a moment to think about what I really like or if there’s something he can make that goes with any inside jokes we have, he would impress me a whole lot.

Take us on a trip — Remember when I mentioned that I was learning I had a real love for traveling last year? Well, funny enough, despite all the trips I’ve been on, I’ve never taken one with just my guy. I think that would be loads of fun to do as a birthday idea.

Anyway, those are just some of the things that I can think of that I would love more than jewelry (if jewelry is something he gets for everyone). Do you all have any preferences for your birthday?




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