The Sanctity of Time

20 05 2014


I turned 31 this weekend (wooot!), and while it was an amazing experience that was filled with joy and laughter amongst very good and best friends who continue to amaze me, birthday songs on the phone from professional opera singers and those who think they are opera singers, cake and drinks, great food, surprise calls from folks out of the country, Michael Jackson Experience Wii game battles, an epic pajama jam and more… it also marked the death of a best friend’s father.

And it reminded me of something that has been on my heart for awhile now — the preciousness and sanctity of time.

If you recall, I recently re-took the Love Languages test and found that my top languages had switched so that now quality time and physical touch lead the pack by miles. This is no coincidence, because what I’m learning (through watching friends battle life-threatening illnesses, experiencing the pain of loved ones passing away, being there for others who have also experienced that pain, and finding it more and more frustrating that most of my best friends/family live at least hundreds of miles away from me — which makes our time spent together so much more meaningful but also so much more upsetting when it doesn’t come to pass) is that time is so much more important to me these days. As is the ability to be able to physically be there for someone when he or she needs you the most.

In fact, I know just how much I care or love someone by the fact that I make time for him or her. It’s how I express my love these days, and it’s how I know that I am loved.

Indeed, I’m learning that time is my (and everyone else’s) best form of currency.

And yet, so often, I have wasted time on things that are so insignificant in my life. I’ve spent time worrying over facts I couldn’t control. I’ve procrastinated and hesitated on moving forward on visions I knew God gave me. And all because even though I know it to be true, it can be hard to always remember that time is not always on our side.

But this is not meant to be a depressing post. I know it doesn’t seem like it just yet, but it’s meant to uplift. Because it was only hours after our friend gave us the sad news about her dad’s death that we saw the beauty of a couple getting married at a small church in DC. The bride was standing right outside of the church, arm and arm with what looked to be her father, getting ready to walk down the aisle in her gorgeous white dress. And as we looked for parking to go to brunch, that image reminded us of all the good that can be accomplished in the time that we do have on this earth.

It was a reminder of the circle of life. That yes, time is not promised to any of us. And yes, time is precious because it is the only thing that once lost cannot be regained. But it’s also a call to take life by the ropes and spend every day, every hour, every second like we know what kind of prized jewel God has gifted us.

It was a reminder that we should honor the sanctity of our time together. And like Mandypants said to me the other day, make sure we give out our flowers to the people we love before their time has passed.




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