Tips for My Future Husband — #18

24 04 2014
Picture me and future hubby on the floor with our "vintage" records spread out on the floor like this... LOL Photo:

Picture me and future hubby on the floor with our “vintage” records spread out on the floor like this… LOL

Have a love for a variety of musical genres.

While I was in L.A. for my spring vacay the other week, I had the opportunity to experience the awesomeness that was the Grammy Museum. And actually, I got so caught up in the museum, I found myself 45 minutes behind my planned schedule to get ready for my next activity. How did this happen? Well because I’d mistakenly only given myself 2 1/2 hours to explore the whole museum and spent the first two hours making my way through the equivalent of one floor out of the four offered.

To be clear, I made it onto a 2nd floor (which was technically the 3rd floor since you start at the 4th and make your way down), but between what I had to skip on the 4th floor and what little I was able to see on the 3rd floor once I realized my timing error, let’s just say — on my next trip to L.A., I need to schedule at least 5 hours just to finish the damn museum.

Part of why it took me so long to get through that first floor (Floor #4) was that everything was interactive or involved some king of audio or visual component throughout the entire museum. So you could very easily find yourself in one station for 30 minutes before you looked up and realized, “oh sh*t, I’ve been at this one station for 30 minutes!”

The other reason it took me so long to get through the stations is because I’ve since realized just how much I love music. Here’s where if you know me you probably said duh. But not just certain types of music — all of it. I was at one particular station that let you start with a music genre and go from that genre to related ones by connecting them on a screen based on your choices. Well, obviously there are numerous genres available, and I found myself wanting to hear (and dance) to them all.

I’m also an observer, though. So I noticed that certain demographics were coming up to their personal screens at the station and picking some genres more than others. For example, a young Black couple came over and picked mostly urban-music related genres, things like Hip Hop, R&B, New Jack Swing, etc… Then I noticed an older White couple that looked to be from a southern state, and they were picking genres like Country, Classical Rock, and Christian. A younger group of friends? They picked Pop, Rap, and Punk Rock.

Me? Oh, I jammed to all of the ones those folks picked and more. Before I knew it, I’d gone through at least 25 genres, stopping to jam to some Jazz, Heavy Metal, Grunge, Old School Hip Hop, West Coast Hip Hop, Gospel, Contemporary Gospel, Zydeco, Swing, Folk, Blues, Bee Bop and more. Obviously, this was one of the stations that took up a bunch of my time. And the reason it did so was because after I got finished listening to and dancing to one genre, I just couldn’t tear myself away before checking out another.

Until suddenly, I became a little sad, because there I was dancing to my heart’s content for probably 50 minutes when I’d seen all these other couples and groups of people come to the station and leave within ten. Essentially after listening to 2 to 3 things. That was all they interested in, I wondered. Now, it could have been that they were just better with their time management in the museum than I was, but I took it as them being done with what they wanted to hear. And it got me to thinking about how I would hate it if I had been there with future hubby and he’d wanted to move on that quickly.

Nah, I’d like him to be just as caught up with me! Grooving to the smooth tunes of Anita Baker, snapping our fingers to a Teddy Riley produced hit, doing the Kid N Play to well, Kid N Play, using our hand microphones to belt out a Pavarotti classic, air guitarring to Joni Mitchell, putting two fingers in the air for Pac while we two-stepped and more. I’d love him to have such an eclectic appreciation for music that I’d be wowed by how much stuff he knew. And we’d spend hours just enjoying the tunes and the sounds massaging our ears.

That can probably only happen if future hubby has an appreciation for a wide variety of music like I do. So here’s hoping he will — or at least he’ll enjoy watching me love it so much, he won’t try to stop the musical party.




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28 04 2014
T. Mack

I still need to find my way back to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame so I can only imagine the Grammy museum.

But just in general, I’m the wrong person to go to a museum with because I read every placard and press every interactive button. LOL!

29 04 2014

Oh I would probably looove the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

And apparently I’m like that too hahaha. Although now that I think about my museum visits in DC, they all last pretty long too. So basically I totally set myself up at this dang Grammy Museum. Darn it LOL

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