Shoe Tip: Find Your Favorite, Local Shoe Cobbler

17 03 2014

Has this winter been torture on your boots like it has on mine?

Well before you run out to purchase a bunch of replacements, let me offer you an alternative solution that will help you going forward on many of your other shoe problems as well — find yourself a shoe cobbler that you trust.

Now, most people know about the importance of acquiring a tailor to keep you on point with your clothing, but I’ve found that fewer folks have a cobbler they can call on. Why is that? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe it’s because folks are more apt to just go out and buy new shoes when something goes wrong instead of repairing them, but I gotta tell you – one of my happier days in DC was when I found my shoe guy for this area.

So why is a cobbler such an important addition to your life?

Well, for many reasons, but here are my top three:

Sometimes a repair is much more cost effective than a new purchase

Depending on the need of the repair, you probably won’t spend more than $50 at your local cobbler (if it costs too much more than that, it’s probably time to just buy a new pair), and certain pairs of shoes are much more expensive than $50 to replace. For example, those boots I mentioned earlier in the post. Well, each pair would cost me at least $125 to replace, but it’s likely that I can make out with a much cheaper price by seeing my guy about getting my soles repaired when the season is over.

A little nip and tuck here and there can slow down the wear and tear of time (on shoes, not your face)

Maybe you’re someone who is hard on your shoes. Or maybe you have a few pairs of work flats/heels that are perfect, but that you tend to wear a lot (because they’re, you know, perfect). Well, that’s where your cobbler comes in handy. He can make sure that those shoes have a much longer lifetime than expected. I once had a pair of black wedges with off-white stitching throughout that worked perfectly for work. They were comfortable, and they were stylish, but after years of wearing them, the stitching began to loosen. My friendly cobbler was able to prolong their life for another 2 years before I finally had to let them go.

Some shoes just can’t be replaced

As much as I love all of my shoes, I’d be lying if I said that some weren’t more special than others. In those cases, it can be hard to get rid of the shoe even when something like the heel getting cracked happens. But that’s why it’s important to have a cobbler in your contacts. He can fix that bad boy like new and make sure that your favorite pairs stay around for as long as possible.

Have any of you ever gone to a cobbler to get your shoes repaired? What was your experience like?




4 responses

19 03 2014

Yes!!! Master Shoe Repair in Rockville!!! I looked long and hard and some co-workers put me on. I learned at an early age the value of a professional cobbler. My mother stayed bringing her worn pumps to this magical man and I’d go with her when I was a kid. There was one day as an adult I was so sad I worn some funky heeled boots to the nub. Then it hit me, DUH, find a shoe repair guy!!! It’s like another world has opened and you can put your favorite shoes back in the rotation. All is not lost!!

20 03 2014

Yesss!!!!! I go to George’s on 16th and U! You’re absolutely right — it is like another world has opened up to you when you find your shoe repair guy. My mom has one back at home too, but it wasn’t until I needed to get my own here that I realized how invaluable they are to a shoe fashionista. There’s a reason so many women and men of our parents’ generation still go to them!

21 03 2014

And tailors too! The old school knew how to dress. Game changers. I gotta step my game up with that too. Now that I think about it, they were practically giving away the Peter Pilloto collection at Target and I was mad at the fit of everything I tried on. They had some of the dresses for $11. I may have to go back, buy some of the stuff anyway and sit down with a tailor to have them remix it because they were so unflattering on me but I loved the prints.

21 03 2014

I think you absolutely should!!! And if you don’t have a specific tailor already, I looove Ginger Root at 15th and U.

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