5 Things I Learned Actually Working Out with Someone I Like

10 03 2014
Photo: Meredith.com

Photo: Meredith.com

So this is how my life goes. I wrote a blog post about how I’d love to add working out with my future hubby as a “thing,” and a week didn’t pass by before I found myself working out with someone that I actually really like. Now, to be clear, when I wrote the blog post, I didn’t realize that I would be partaking in said activity anytime soon. I also had no previous experience of doing so.

Which meant that when it did happen, I was able to gauge in real time if I actually wanted what I’d claimed I wanted on the blog.

And because I’m me, I had several thoughts about the act.

Here are five of those thoughts:

1: Working out with a guy in general (especially someone who is active) is pretty dam intense.

This is something that should probably be intuitive, but until I physically worked out with a guy, and did all of the same stuff he did (well 90% of the stuff he did), I didn’t realize just how much more he could do physically than I could. This meant that our workout was at least 30X more intense than my most intense workouts previously. (As an aside – I justify this by saying I had been sick right before and hadn’t worked out in over a week, so I had to adjust, but the reality is that that ish was hard!)

2. While I don’t normally consider myself to be very competitive, I had a very real feeling of “I can’t let him think that I can’t do anything he can do.”

Do you remember those commercials where the girl is saying, “anything you can do, I can do better?” They were so catchy right? Yeah, well that was totally me that night. He did his sprint at 6 on the treadmill, so did I… never mind that I’d never gone over 4 before. Ain’t nobody got time for looking like a punk! He put his incline on 15, welp – so did I! He did three rotations on the weight machines – so did I! You see where I’m going here. I literally was not going to let him out do me in effort that night, and I’m not sure I’d ever had that feeling in the gym before.

3. All that said, and despite the fact that there were times I thought I was going to die, it was actually very encouraging working with him.

Okay, listen – there were definitely times I started thinking about what I was going to leave people in my will. No joking. BUT, every time that happened, you know what else happened? I had this guy on my right yelling out “you’re doing so well!” or “You look great Darbs, keep up the good work” or “You got this! Let’s just do 5 more minutes.” It was fantastic! And he didn’t do it so much that it became annoying, but it was right when I needed it every single time.

4. Seeing a guy that you like get all sweaty and push hard and jump/run around – that ish is so damn sexy!

Picture this: super attractive guy, sweat dripping down his body, muscles moving and shaping underneath his clothes. Just you and him working out in the gym. And every once in awhile, he positions your body for different work outs. Mmmmhmmm, I’m just going to stop there.

5. I was absolutely motivated afterward to get even better.

You know what else happened that I didn’t foresee? After that workout, I was totally like, I won’t let this be so hard the next time. In fact, since then I’ve made a point to work out at least just as hard 4 or 5 times a week. And it’s been great! I still don’t like the act of working out, but it makes my inner Xena Warrior Princess feel that much better when I know I’ve beasted in the gym. And I know that when we workout again, he may not have to encourage me as much because I’ll be that much readier to go.

Have any of you ever worked out with someone you were interested in or dating/seeing?

How did it go for you?




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