I Woke Up Like This

5 03 2014


Remember when Whitley and Dwayne Wayne finally got married, and suddenly, Whitley had to tackle an all too familiar concern for many women — how would she wake up just as cute as she went to sleep the night before? Now, obviously this is not a normal concern when one goes to sleep, until you add in the factor of now waking up next to your hubby or the cute guy you’re seeing who you want to always think of you as cute/sexy/fine.

Well, Whitley decided the best option for this was to wake-up about 10-15 minutes before Dwayne, brush her teeth, put on her “non make-up” make-up, freshen up a bit, and then strategically lay back in the bed so that when Dwayne woke up, he saw nothing but her beauty in front of him. I don’t know about you, but I got tired just typing out that plan! I mean, talk about a lot of work to look like “you woke up like that”!

Also, if you’re anything like me, it typically takes you at least one snooze before you climb out of the bed. So it’s fairly safe to assume that ol’ boy would wake up after 3 rounds of snoozing, completely ruining said plans to get up before him and act like that didn’t happen.

Despite all of my reservations with Whitley’s plan, though, I absolutely understand the desire behind it. So what’s a girl to do? I have a few suggestions (some easier to incorporate than others, but hey — all are easier than Whitley’s plan, so there’s that…):

Brush your teeth/Rinse with mouthwash before bed

Besides making your dentist happy, doing this simple act also helps eliminate that awful thing called morning breath. Now I’m not saying don’t brush your teeth in the morning as well, but when you do it at night, there’s still a little minty freshness left over when you first open your eyes, as opposed to last night’s dinner.

Keep mints near your bed

If you’re not a brush your teeth/rinse with mouthwash twice a day type person, never fear, there’s another option for you. Most people have night stands near their beds at this point, so all you have to do is keep a pack of mints near your bed in or on the night stand. This way, as soon as you roll over, you can pop one in before boo thang has a chance to lay a big one on you.

Figure out your “alternative” hairstyle to the scarf/bonnet

Okay, so obviously this one is for folks just starting to spend the night with each other, because let’s be real — after awhile, boo is just going to have to get used to your scarf/bonnet/ whatever situation you choose to wear at night to keep your hair healthy. (Also — this is probably a cultural thing. Not every race wears something on their head at night. If that’s not you, just skip to the next suggestion.) But if you’re still in the sleep over once a month/once a week category? This one is perfect for you!

The key is to figure out what works best for your hair. I find that I can go a night or two with my hair pin-curled without a scarf on and still wake up looking cute. The benefit to my pin-curl look is that it keeps my hair in the style I want, but it looks cute too! And then when I wake up in the morning, my hair doesn’t look I just got electrocuted and all I have to do is take down the curls, run my hands through my hair, and boom! Done.

Wear something that makes you feel like a woman

Now, this doesn’t have to be lingerie or a negligee, but if that works for you — by all means go for it! This just means don’t wear that ratty t-shirt and sweatpants with the holes in them. That’s not cute to anyone. What you want to do is find what makes you feel sexy, and trust me, that will correlate in the best ways possible for you. This could be a pair of cute/sexy panties and bra combination or a pajama set that hugs your curves in all the right ways. Whatever it is though,  just make sure it makes you feel like a woman. Key word — YOU.

Be confident in you

All of the rest of those suggestions are great, but nothing is sexier than self-confidence. If you wake up feeling like you woke-up #flawless, chances are he will too!

Any other suggestions you all have?




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