Tips for My Future Husband — #17

24 02 2014
Okay, maybe not this hardcore though... Have you seen this couple on Facebook?? My goodness!

Okay, maybe not this hardcore though… Have you seen this couple on Facebook?? My goodness!

Work out with me

I’ve been reading this book called The People Factor lately. It was something my pastor suggested as good reading one Sunday, and based on his descriptions of it, I was compelled to check it out.

Well, I’m immensely glad I did. In fact, some of my closest friends will attest that I’ve been regularly taking photos of pages and texting it to them, like “mannn, this is so good!” Anyway, the book basically talks about the divine importance of relationships in our lives — how God intended for us to be communal beings and therefore, how one of the most important things we can do in life is to get our relationships right.

What’s crazy is that this idea fell right in line with one of my main goals I wrote down in my homework assignment earlier this year — building on the relationships that better me and having the discernment and courage to let go of the ones that don’t.

What does all this seriousness have to do with wanting to work out with my future hubby? Everything actually!

Because if, as Van Moody says, the right relationships are like a perfectly run machine moving you on your path through their support and investment in your future, then that means if I’m working to build a healthier lifestyle for myself, I want my partner to be included in that.

Now, let me get real here for a second. I am not one of those people that enjoys working out. I love how I feel after a workout, and on the occasions when friends join me, I like the quality time we’re spending together doing something productive. But the actual act of working out? Nah, I’m not really a fan. I do it, more so now and consistentlier (made that up!) than before because I have goals that require it, and I want to be alive and healthy to see other plans come into fruition. But, I’ve never been that person that gets up and says, “You know what I really want to do today over anything else? Work out!”

Yea, that’s not me.

But you see, that’s why you have the machine of support. The man who pushes you to keep going when your arms are tired from lifting weights. The guy who encourages you simply by being there to run 10 more minutes on that treadmill. The one who kisses you afterward, both of you sweaty and worn out, and reminds you that you’re like Xena the Warrior Princess with your fierce intention to leave your best on that gym floor.

Yep, I want future hubby to be involved in all of that. Because of the machine and all.

And then I want us to go home and throw our sweaty, sexy selves in the shower to get clean. Or dirtier. Take your pick.




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