My Pink Suede Shoe Fantasy

10 01 2014

“Did you have a good time tonight,” he asks, as we rush into his house, still giddy from leaving the gala early like two little kids on a secret mission.

“I had a great time,” I respond, now leaning on the front door we just closed behind us.

I look at him in his eyes, letting him know without saying a word, that the night was by no means over. We stare into each others’ eyes, neither of us wanting to be the first one to give in, smiles slowly curling up on both of our lips. Because we just know.

“You had a great time? As in the past?”

I laugh. Clearly he wants to be certain that he’s taken in the right message.

“I had a great time, yes. But I’m hoping to have an even better one now.”

“Oh yeah,” he asks, walking closer to me and putting his hands on my waist.

“Yea.” I catch his eyes again and bite my lower lip this time, my tell-tale sign that I’m looking forward to licking his teeth and maybe other things. Within seconds, I lunge forward and begin kissing him only to be pressed back into the door from the weight of his body pushing into mine.

He turns me around so that my back is now facing him and slowly releases the zipper from my black and white gown until it reaches the small of my back. He kisses me from the back of my neck down my spine, lingering just slightly in the middle of my back as he begins pulling the shoulders of the dress down as well. I giggle, because it tickles a bit, but also because it feels really good.

Before he has a chance to really get a good grip on my dress, I turn myself around and lightly push him off of me.

“No,” I say. “I got this.”

I stare at him while removing one shoulder and then the next, letting the dress fall gently down my body until it rests at my feet. I step over it, finally showing off my hot pink suede pumps that had mostly been masked by the dress that flared out at my waist and hit juuust above the ground.

“Wow,” he whispers, as I now stand in front of him — pink bra, pink panties, pink shoes, and brown skin.

I smile, but don’t give him a chance to take me in too much before I walk past him, making my way to his bedroom. He follows behind closely, and I can feel his eyes watching my cheeks peek through the lace fabric of my Victoria Secrets.

At one point, he tries to grab me, but I make my intentions clear. “No touching,” I say. “Not yet.”

I’m in the zone and have him right where I want him. Just don’t fall Darb, not in these heels, not in this moment.

As I continue to walk, I glance back every once in awhile, letting him know I know he’s still there. Still following behind me. I’m still in control.

It’s a drastic change from what had just occurred on the dance floor at the gala where I was undeniably in his trance, my arms around his neck, the world around us a mere blur, our bodies swaying with the music, as he sang Luther Vandross’ If This World Were Mine in my ear.

If this world were mine, I would place at your feet

All that I own, you been so good to me

If this world were… miiiiiiine.

I’d give you the flowers, the birds and the bees

And it’d be your love beside me

That would be all I need

If this world were…. miiiine,

I’d give you anythiiiiiing.

At that moment, I was his for the taking. I closed my eyes and just listened to him, his and Luther’s words ebbing and flowing, ranging from soft whispers to bolder declarations. Occasionally I chimed in with Cheryl, but really, I was far too happy to sing very much. I followed him while on the dance floor, with no cares at all to anything else going on around us. We moved at his pace, his will, his breaths. I, honestly, probably wouldn’t have heard a fire alarm going off it had then.

But that was 45 minutes ago.

And now… well now… it was his turn to follow me. To follow my light… steady… slow steps in my heels, to watch me as I guide us to our next destination.

When I finally reach the door to his bedroom, I open it and turn around to face him.

“Hey,” I say.


We stand there, staring at each other again, both of us trying to restrain ourselves. I notice that in our walk he’s removed his jacket, tie, shirt, shoes, and socks. He now stands before me with just his tuxedo pants on, and I can see the deep breaths taking place through the rise and fall of his chest. Sh*t, no way I’m going to be able to stay in control now.

I lean into him once more, bringing my lips to his neck. But before I can do anything, he scoops me up, throwing me over his shoulder.

“Touching is allowed now, right,” he asks, not really waiting for an answer.

“Uh huh,” I whisper back, as he places me on the bed and slides off my underwear in one fell swoop.

He briefly considers taking the heels off as well, but changes his mind.

“Let’s keep these on a little while longer,” he says, tapping the bottom of the right shoe. “I like how the pink looks on you.”

“Well there’s other things on me that are pink that can stay on to replace the shoes,” I joke.

“Nah. All that other sh*t is coming off now.”

I smile. I didn’t really want the shoes to come off just yet anyway.




4 responses

10 01 2014

Whew! Darby girl! *fans self* I’m at work dammit! LOL.

10 01 2014

heehee *insert angel emoticon here* !!!

PS: Glad you enjoyed it, Brenda!

10 01 2014

I’ma stop reading this at work. So I stopped. I didn’t even finish. I need to be in a more comfortable, sexy environ with vino. Darn you!

10 01 2014

Hahahahaha oh no! There’s nothing wrong with a little sexy interlude during work 😉

J/K I understand… but make sure you come back to finish it (vino in hand of course lol)

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