When Fashion Pet Peeves Influence Your Dating Choices

16 12 2013
Apparently, some guys find this photo unflattering... Photo: FabulouslyBroke.com

Apparently, some guys find this photo unflattering… can you guess why?
Photo: FabulouslyBroke.com

We always hear about the various things people find unattractive in men and women, but these are usually in the form of deal breakers — characteristics (physical and personality wise) that most people would agree on. Very rarely do you ever hear about turn-offs that involve fashion choices made by the person you’re interested in though.

For example, if I were to say that finding out my future boo is a consistent and unrepentant cheater is a deal breaker for me, most people would agree, right? But if I were to say that finding out that same boo liked to wear black pants with brown shoes all the time and that was a pet peeve for me, you would probably be like “Uhhhh, girl, what?! That’s specific and random as hell.” (Some of you would completely agree and think no one should ever do that, but others would probably tell me to get that man to buy some black shoes and keep it moving with him.)

Anyway, little did I know that a lot of folks have these specific-arse, random fashion pet peeves. I found out a little over a month ago, though, that this was the case when my girl Erika of Your Chic Is Showing posted the following on her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

According to Erika, this wasn’t even the most specific fashion pet peeve. Another friend commented that she hates a poorly-fitted fedora on a man, and a guy friend mentioned that he hates when women wear flats.

Wild, right? I would never have even thought about anyone seriously being distracted by those things. Yellow teeth? Yes. Flats on a woman? Uhhh no lol.

But the more I thought about, I realized that folks are probably walking around with fashion pet peeves/deal breakers all the time, and you would never know! And these pet peeves are absolutely affecting who they choose to date. You might just meet some cute guy, think that things are going well, and never know that a large reason he doesn’t want you as more than a friend is because he hates that you wear headbands.

So now I’m bringing it to you all. Do you have any specific fashion pet peeves for men or women that completely turn you off no matter how cute he or she is? And have you ever heard of any fashion pet peeves that made you say, “wow, that’s random!” Inquiring minds want to know.




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