Tip: How to Shoe-Shop for Someone Else

13 12 2013

Now that it’s officially Christmas-time, many people are in full swing gift-shopping mode. And if you have a shoe-lover in your midst, you may just be thinking of getting her a pair for Christmas.

Well, before you do, make sure you check out these next few tips. I certainly have been gifted with shoes before that I never wore, not because I didn’t appreciate them, but because they were either too small, too big, or wouldn’t go with anything I wear. So that you don’t put your person in that predicament, here are some tips to consider before spending your coin.

Know her shoe size — Yes, many women have more than one shoe size. For example, I wear a size 9. This will work with any pair of flats and some heels, but my feet are the opposite of narrow so for a lot of heels, I try to get a 9 1/2 to give my feet extra room. This is especially important if you’re attempting to buy a pointed-toe heel — you don’t want her toes to get squeezed into that little triangle.

Not all women have this problem, though. Some have very narrow feet, so you have to be aware not to get anything that will slide off as she’s walking. In addition, some shoes run big or small, and since she’s not there to try on the shoes you’re considering, just make sure to consider all of these factors before buying the shoes.

Know her general style — There’s nothing worse than opening your box and seeing a pair of shoes that you would never, ever wear. So check to make sure she wears stilettos if that’s what you’re thinking of buying. Or if you’re considering getting her a bright color, check to make sure she’s not usually in black or brown pumps.

Getting her something a little out of her comfort zone is good, but you don’t want to come off as if you don’t know her, right?

Try to make sure she doesn’t already own that pair — Now this may be a little difficult if she hasn’t shown you her shoes closet, but that’s what her girls are for. They will probably have a better idea of what she has already and what she doesn’t have, and if you’re one of her girls — then heck, you got this one already! After all, it’s highly unlikely you’re buying someone a pair of shoes if y’all aren’t close friends or dating/significant others, right?

And finally, as always — Have fun with it — Get creative. Gifts are all about the thought behind them, so don’t stress too much about whether she’ll like them. If you followed the first 3 steps and you put some thought into it, chances are she’ll love the gesture and the shoes.

Anyone you all plan to go shoe shopping for this Christmas? And if so, what tips have you used to help you?




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