On How Your Body Heat Affects Your View of #theCuddles

11 12 2013

My friends and I tend to come up with a lot of theories on various topics. We’re not conspiracy folks or anything like that, but we do seek to find some sense of meaning in the random happenings in the world. This probably just proves how much we’re all control freaks, but whatevs — some of our theories are pretty great. And even when they’re not, we still believe them.

Case in point, one friend believes that the reason Checkers and Rally’s are the same company with different names is because 2 brothers split off from each other at one point. She didn’t read this anywhere, but she regularly says it like she knows it’s fact. It’s actually quite hilarious to watch her give the explanation and have folks believe her as if she actually researched the company.

Well, anyway, we recently we came up with another of our brilliant theories after I admitted that while cuddling with SGWMMS for the first time a couple months ago, I went through a good twenty minutes of torture that played out in my head like this — “Ohhh, this is nice! But I’m so hot. But damn it, this is nice. But I’m so HOT! But sigh, I like being wrapped up in him. SH*T, now I’m sweating. Dear God – help me!” Eventually, I just settled into “this feels nice, mmmm,” but it took a lot longer than you might expect.¹ And because I wasn’t the only person who ran hot who had this problem, thus began out two-part theory on cuddling and running hot or cold.

Part 1 — If you run hot, cuddling is a bigger deal for you than if you run cold because you are literally inconveniencing yourself to be wrapped in this person’s arms.

You see, we noticed that when talking about our different beliefs in #thecuddles, those who ran hot (as in your body is naturally warm and you like to keep your place a little on the cooler side — ie ME!) were a little less enthusiastic about cuddling. We saw it as something more intimate than the ones who ran cold. The coldies (ha!) just typically saw cuddling as something nice to do, but not necessarily the holy grail of intimacy.

This makes a bit of sense physiologically, because in order for you to enjoy something that physically makes you uncomfortable, you probably have to have a certain level of intimacy with the person you’re cuddling. Folks who run cold just kind of tended to think of the other person as an extension to their damn blanket.

Part 2 — Most people will be drawn to date/sex/cuddle with someone whose body temperature runs opposite of their own.

Through our non-scientific research, we determined that most people ended up dating/sexing/cuddling with someone whose body temperature ran opposite of them. This would explain why I, a person who runs hot, always manages to date men who run cold and love to cuddle; while my girl who runs cold and actually wants to cuddle all the time manages to be with men who run hot and see it as a bit of a physical burden.

So crazy, right? But how trippy would it be if our two-part theory is true? They do have those beds that are made for couples with different body temperatures for a reason.

Anyway, this is where you all come in. We need more people to join our non-scientific test, so we’re not just running around spouting the theory like the Checkers/Rally’s one without something to back it up. Do you find it to be true that you date/sex/cuddle with people whose body temperature normally run opposite to your body temperature? And do you match up with our theory about running hot and cold and your desire to cuddle?

Let me know. I’m so curious to find out the answers.

1 In a twisted turn of events, I actually really do enjoy cuddling with dude, but I had to train my body to not get overheated when we do so. It also doesn’t hurt if it’s a cooler night.




2 responses

17 12 2013
T. Mack

OMG!!! I am the same way. I run warm so I have had that moment of “I like being with you, but it’s a little too damn hot.” And I have been with guys who swore the room was freezing when I thought it was just fine. You might have something there.

17 12 2013

Yessss! We are absolute kindred warm-temperature spirits here LOL. Thanks for joining the conversation!

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