On Kanye and Choosing to be Happy

25 11 2013

Unless you rarely pay attention to pop culture at all, you’re probably aware of Kanye Wests’ rants on Twitter about the sketch Jimmy Kimmel did mocking his BBC interview. While I’ve heard a bevy of commentary about whether Jimmy Kimmel was at fault or if Kanye is officially off his rocker, I’ve been more concerned with what seems to be an increasing sense of unhappiness in his actions (and no – the subsequent interview with Kimmel didn’t change that).

To be clear, I’m not debating what was said in the BBC interview or whether Kimmel was wrong for mocking said interview. I’m saying that when you’re truly happy within yourself, while folks mocking you may bother you (because, well you’re human), it probably won’t bother you so damn much!

Listen, I get it. It’s probably really frustrating to have paparazzi following him around at all times, especially now that he has a baby. And then to have Kimmel (!) mock him like Kanye was one of those folks on Hollywood Boulevard! The nerve! Especially when he has so much creativity flowing through him that he obviously wants to impart upon the world. But c’mon, dude seems to be lashing out all the time these days.

I guess the real question here is — when was the last time we saw footage or even a photo of Kanye looking legitimately happy? Having fun? Enjoying this life he’s created for himself? Outside of the David Blaine clip where he looked surprisingly amazed at the trick that had occurred, I can’t remember. Can you? Now, granted, we don’t see this man all the time (and he certainly doesn’t owe us any perfunctory smiles), but if every time you saw someone, he or she had a scowl on his or her face, and you saw that person a lot, you’d probably become a bit concerned. No?

Regardless — Kanye West is just an example here (albeit a pretty famous one) of a larger problem I think we all experience at times.  We don’t choose our own happiness. I don’t know Kanye (even though we all probably feel like we do at times). What I do know, though, is that being happy involves making the choice to do so, and crazy as it sounds, sometimes that’s not the easiest choice to make. It’s not something that just falls into your lap one day. You don’t get it by waiting for others to acknowledge your accomplishments (although, of course that helps sometimes lol). You don’t get it by relying on the happiness of others to make you feel fulfilled. And you certainly don’t get it by waiting for the gatekeepers around the world to recognize that what you do is important and needed on this earth.

No, you choose — every day, every minute of that day — to seek happiness instead of pain and instead of frustrations. To not let the negativity sink in for too long. To determine that no matter what is going on in your life, there is always something to be grateful for.

As we draw closer to a day where millions of people take a moment to give thanks for the people and things in their lives, I just want to encourage everyone to also take those small moments on other days as well. Find what makes you truly happy and go for that with every fiber of your being. It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it. I’ll be joining too, so you won’t be alone.

And hopefully, just hopefully, it’ll also stop you from knocking out any potential paparazzi that pop up in your life.




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