Celebrity Shoe Spotlight — Nia Long

22 11 2013
Photo: UrbanMogulLife.com

Photo: UrbanMogulLife.com

If you’ve been on social media of any sort lately, you know that every one is about admitting their crushes (celebrity or otherwise) on specific days of the week now. In particular, you’ve got women crush Wednesdays (#WCW) and man crush Mondays (#MCM). Well, it’s not either of those days, but I couldn’t go any longer without telling y’all just how much I’m a jelly belly for the amazingness that is Nia Long. How is she even prettier and fly-er (more fly? IDK) now than she was when she first popped off? I have no idea — but I do know that I can only hope to be a hot as she is at 43. She’s officially been added to my list of dynamic women that I can only hope to emulate (physically) as I continue to age. ¹

I mean, her skin just glistens, right?

But you all know me — so you also know that any #WC of mine would also have to be someone who wears shoes that I want all. the. damn. time. And Nia Long absolutely does this. In fact, if anyone is looking for a great present for me for Christmas, just go on ahead and peruse the following photos and you’ll see exactly what shoes I’m interested in. Doesn’t matter which one you pick; I like them all. (I wear a size 9 by the way, 9 1/2 in heels — just saying.) What I love about Nia’s shoe style is that she has mastered the art of pairing a dynamic heel with a simple outfit to give it some flair, but she also knows when to pair it down and just slide on a simple black pump as well. That’s an art, folks, because I’ve certainly seen people do the exact opposite on too many occasions.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite looks from her shoe-wise. Are there any on here you’ve got your eye on as well? And while we’re at it — feel free to share who some of your #WCW and #MCM are. It’s not those days, but we’re all rebels here, right? Let’s break some social media rules on this Friday.

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1 In case you’re interested, that list includes women like Diahann Carroll, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Tina Turner. You cannot deny those women!!




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