Tips for My Future Husband – #15

21 10 2013

We don’t have to look like this, but we should be able to if need be lol

Don’t be afraid to lead me on the dance floor.

In ballroom dancing, there’s always a clear leader in the dance. Typically, this is the man, but when folks try to get fancy on shows like So You Think You Can Dance, this can change slightly. For the most part, though, the man leads… seamlessly.

Now, this is not because the woman is powerless in the dance. In fact, chances are she is just as great a dancer as he is, maybe even more so. But she allows him to lead so that their partnership can look as amazing as it does. And you know what typically happens? The woman freakin’ shines in those dances!! Sure, the man is the support and the foundation, but that woman is soaring all over the place, doing moves my body can’t even fathom — all because she knows her partner is ready to lead, isn’t going to drop her, and is always going to lead her to the right direction.

Well, here’s the thing — unless you’re in that dance world, you’ve probably never actually taken ballroom dance classes. And so when it comes time to dance at formal settings like galas, balls, weddings, etc…, it’s not abnormal to see men and women looking around wondering where the heck to start on the dance floor! You can see the thought process happening — does she put her arms around his neck? Does he put her hand in his or put his hands on her waist? I mean, no one wants to look like they’re doing the tango, right? But you also don’t want to look like you’re currently at a junior high school dance.

This not knowing of what to do is all fine and well until an occasion like me and future hubby’s wedding comes into the picture. Do you know how horrified I would be if we got on that dance floor in front of all our loved ones and stood there looking at each other like boo boo the fool?

O.M.G. That cannot happen.

And for that not to happen, I will need future hubby to be comfortable taking the lead in that moment — guiding me across the dance floor, helping us shine while I lovingly stare into his eyes, knowing he won’t drop me or lead me in the wrong direction.

(And yes, I am slightly picturing a Beauty and the Beast moment in the library. Don’t judge me.)

It’s a simple request, I know. But with as much as I love dancing and the idea of my boo-thang sanging to me while we dance, I also adore a sexy man who can lead me on the dance floor as well. There’s an art to leading without making the woman feel any less a part of the equation, any less powerful, or treating her like she’s not essential to the partnership. And I’m hoping that Mr. Future D-Magic is a wonderful artist.




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