Custom-Made NFL Nikes? Yes Please!

18 10 2013
My customized Saints Nikes. Photo: Nike Store

My customized Saints Nikes. Photo: Nike Store

We’re right in the thick of football season now, and while I still hate talking about the Saints game last weekend against the Patriots just as much as I hate discussing football with crazed Falcons fans, I will always love me some pigskin. And since you already know how I feel about my shoes, you have to know that when I found out Nike lets you customize your favorite Nike Dunks with your favorite football team’s colors and logo, I was all IN!

Then, I went on there and actually made mine? Listen, I can’t promise these kicks won’t get purchased by the end of the year. It’s not the most sensible thing to do, but damn it, they’re so hot! And now after creating mine, all I can think of are ways to wear them. Should I wear them with my black matte liquid leggings, white Saints jersey and black Saints undies from Victoria’s Secret? Or with my skinnies, a white tank top, and black leather jacket? How about with some jean shorts, black t-shirt, and large gold hoop earrings?

All of those sound like a YES to me.

And there are soooo many other combinations I could come up with if I needed to find something to wear with them to a football party.

I mean, these kicks are the 2013 version of the Starter jacket! Which means they are pretty much awesomeness personified. Do yourself a favor and take a minute to customize your own pair. You will definitely thank me later.

Here are some other views of my new favorite kicks!






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