Right Before That First Kiss…

16 10 2013
Photo Credit: AskMen.com

Photo Credit: AskMen.com

“Kissing you is all that I’ve been thinking of. Kissing you is good, good.” — Kissing You, Total

This post may require some of you to think back pretty far, but I want you to try to remember the days before you kissed the last person to catch your entire attention. For my readers who are in long term relationships/marriages — give yourself a little extra time.

Okay. Got it? Do you remember now? Can you picture his/her face as you stared longingly at those untouched lips — waiting for the moment when you two would finally breathe into each other? When all you could think about was kissing those same lips that seemed to stay on your mind all. the. time?

I never really appreciated that time until recently, but I’ve come to believe that as much fun as the time is after you two finally kiss (and yes, it’s very very fun), nothing is ever quite like that time before. That sense of anticipation, building up, enticing you but still in a way that has just a little bit of innocence involved in it… man… that’s a great ass time!

Maybe the beauty of waiting is something the older generations understood better than we do. After all, the idea of kissing on a first date to an older woman is typically equivalent to the idea of having sex on a first date — these are just things you don’t do! And while I’m not at all advocating any specific waiting time on kissing or sex, I am saying that I recently tried waited to engage in a bit of kissing with a guy, and when it finally happened, it was so much more leg melting than it was with the guy from earlier this summer who I kissed the first night we met.

Actually, the guy I waited on won that “competition” by a landslide — it wasn’t even fair! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the first night guy’s kisses, but the one where we waited, where I had a chance to think about kissing him before we actually did so… well that one may or may not have produced a Kerry Washington lip quiver. And flashbacks. And me singing Total while running on the elliptical a few days later lol.

What about you all? Do you find when there’s some anticipation built up before you and your guy or girl kiss, it’s better? Or is anticipation one of those often talked about, but not really all that important, factors?




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