“Celebrity” Shoe Spotlight – Olivia Pope

2 10 2013
Photo: PopSugar.co.uk

Photo: PopSugar.co.uk

Olivia Pope, while not a real person, is a woman after my own shoe-heart, because she loooves a good sassy pump! Not to mention, she’s had her fair share of shoe moments already in the brief history of the show, like when she wore heels to the woods and the President had to switch her shoes to boots, or when she spent quite some time choosing between two pairs of heels for her date with Jake before finally deciding to cancel at the last minute. And who can forget her running/strutting away from the President in her stilettos only for him to grab her arm, pull her into a closet, and well — we know what happened then. Now, if you haven’t had a chance to watch Scandal (shame on you!), something you must at least know is that the woman is just as known for her fashion as she is for her scandalous decisions and the way she “handles” top notch crisis situations.

And since the heavily anticipated season premiere of Scandal debuts tomorrow, I figured this was as good a time as any to spotlight some of my favorite shoes the leading lady has worn on the show, as well as some moments when Kerry Washington has shown her own pump acumen. Come take a journey down memory lane with me, and then let’s get ready to see what shoes she comes blasting out with tomorrow. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait!

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Was there any particular time you found yourself with shoe envy while watching Scandal??




2 responses

2 10 2013

Love this. Love her. I have shoe envy everytime I see her whether she is in character or not. LOL. I really do need to invest in a pair of nude pumps thought. I’ve been seeing them a lot on Black women and its a great alternative to black.

2 10 2013

Woooot! So do I re: the shoe envy… so glad to know I’m not alone LOL

Oh yes, Brenda – get yourself a pair ASAP! I think nude shoes look AMAZING on brown skin and absolutely elongate our legs!

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