Movies to Watch with Your Boo-Thang

30 09 2013


Remember in college when a date (sometimes) meant you were simply spending time in your boo’s dorm room watching a movie? Well, while I’m certainly happy to have aged out of that practice, sometimes it can be nice to just chill, make dinner at home, and watch a good movie with your boobooski. Yes, that means no special plans, no extravagant date, no $200 dinner (lol) – I know I’m speaking sacrilege to some folks right now, but trust me – simplicity can really be quite amazing sometimes.

But even with something as simple as watching a movie on the sofa, there requires some thought to the evening because you have to magically find a movie that both of you will enjoy. And this can be a lot harder than it initially seems. I mean, sorry ladies – your dude probably doesn’t want to watch The Notebook no matter how much you try to convince him that it’s the best. movie. ever! And guys, never do we ever want to watch Shottas with you (Google it). That also goes for a marathon of all the popular gangster movies in one day.¹

So what can you watch? How do you find that balance between what he wants to see and what you want to see? Well, here are a few ideas/suggestions:

1) The Black Romantic Comedy that also involves subplots other than romance — ex: Love and Basketball, Brown Sugar, and The Wood. For some reason, those three are considered more acceptable than some of the others. My theory is it’s because they involve a subplot story line of basketball, hip hop, and male friendships, respectively.  Either way, don’t over think it too much. You can get your cute romcom movie, and he can feel like he didn’t lose his manhood in a span of two hours. Win, win, eat, eat.

2) Slapstick comedies — ex: Wedding Crashers, Bridesmaids, 40 Year Old Virgin, and Old School. Everyone likes to laugh, right? And what better, more sure way of ensuring a good movie night is there than finding yourself laughing at some of the crazy hijinks in these movies. You’ll probably laugh so hard you have to get up and go to the bathroom at some point, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

3) Drama/Suspense movies — ex: Pulp Fiction, The Prestige, and Flight. There’s tension throughout the whole movie, which gives you the perfect excuse to snuggle up to your honey, but since we’re not talking scary movies here, you don’t have to be afraid to then go to bed alone.

4) Dramatic Sports movies — ex: Remember the Titans and Million Dollar Baby. There’s sports and drama all in one movie! How can you possibly go wrong here (unless you don’t like sports or drama, I suppose… but then I mean, I don’t know what to tell you).

Any movie genres you’ve found to be a success when watching with your honey? Or do you find that there’s not much movie watching occurring so the movie doesn’t actually matter?

1 I may or may not have endured this torture before. ugh.




2 responses

30 09 2013

We love to watch Stand up comedy specials like Kevin Hart, Bill Belamy (surprisingly funny), and Monique. Laughter is always a great addition to any date.
Sometimes we can also get into some really good Independent/Foreign movies. It provides fodder for discussion. One time we watched The Shape of Things and argued for like a good hour after the movie. You find out if your dude is capable of intellectual thought or at the very least, you know what happens after a fight…lol…

30 09 2013

ooooh the Independent/Foreign movie route is a great suggestion!! And I love the oooh lala part at the end hahaha…

Also, I saw this really old stand up from Bill Bellamy a few years back, and I (surprisingly) couldn’t stop laughing. I was shocked! lol. But you’re right – laughter is what’s up. I love it when I can just hang out and laugh with a guy.

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