Shoe Spotlight: Homecoming Shoes

25 09 2013

If you went to or currently attend a college/university that’s either all about football or is an HBCU  (Historically Black College/University), then you know that the end of September/month of October means one thing — Homecoming. And if you know that, then you also know of the importance of Homecoming. The difference between the two types of schools, though, is that for an HBCU, Homecoming can be more about fashion than about the actual game.

At a school that’s mostly concerned about the football game, you can show up wearing flip flops, sneakers, or whatever you happened to find in your closet. This is mostly because this time really isn’t about you. It’s all about the game.

But with an HBCU — honey — everyone is doing their very best to stand out from the crowd, and draw your attention away from the game. And what better way to do so than by wearing an amazing standout pair of shoes. In order to do that, you’ll typically see all kinds of looks out there — good and bad. Well, below, I’ve listed some of the good styles and looks I think we’ll probably see at this year’s festivities, but I want to hear from you all too. What shoes do you have in mind for Homecoming? And would you rock any of the ones in the slideshow?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS: If you have your Homecoming shoes already, snap a photo and let me know on Twitter @darbybaham. And don’t forget to hashtag it – #CVSHomecomingShoes. I can’t wait to see what you all have in mind!




2 responses

25 09 2013
Eme's mommie

I loved the posted shoe options…but what about a game day suggestion?

25 09 2013

Hmmm… great question! I’m always a fan of wearing a cute pair of tennis shoes to the actual game or tailgate OR if it’s kind of chilly/rainy, I looove a flat boot look as well. I’d also do either a cute statement flat (but not one that looks like you’d wear it to work) or some wedge sneakers!

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