I’m One of Those Girls that…

20 09 2013

If you hadn’t noticed, around here on Choices, Voices, and Sole, I’m very into accepting who I am (quirks and all) and getting others to accept things about themselves, as well.

So when I saw someone tweet recently that she was one of those girls that made lists for everything and even actually added items to her list when she finished them, just so she could cross them off the list — I thought to myself, “Ohhhh emmmmm geeeee I’m totally that girl too!”

And then I realized something funny – we women spend so much time trying not to be that girl, whatever that girl represents at the time, that we miss out on the fun of just being ourselves sometimes.

So on this Friday, I’d like to change that (even if just for a day).

Here are some of the things that I’m totally that girl about, and I have no shame in these at all:

1. Just to expound a bit on this list thing… I am definitely one of those girls who makes a list for everything. Need groceries? I make a list. Weekend coming up? I make a list on what I’m going to do, and yes – despite protests of friends, I add my social activities on there as well. I even make lists about who I plan to call during the day. And yes, if I do something (or buy something) that was not already on the list, I add it to the list and cross it off. Don’t judge me lol

2. I am absolutely one of those girls that gets giddy when she talks to a guy she likes. My voice changes, I can’t stop smiling, I want to talk about him all the time, and y’all already know I twirl my hair… oh yea – I’m that girl.

3. I’m also one of those girls who will find a way to justify a great shoe purchase. “Sure, it may not have been in my budget, but I needed this pair of pumps. All my other black pumps are starting to wear down.” <– I said that to someone the other day. And when she countered with the fact that I actually bought not one, but two pairs of pumps, I still found a way to justify it. “But I needed the pink ones too,” I protested. mmmm hmmm.

4. And finally, I’m definitely one of those girls who will at least ice grill you if you’ve done my friend really dirty. Petty stuff I don’t usually get into, but if I saw a friend cry over you? Oh, best believe – I’m not a happy camper.

But enough about me – what about you all? What are some things that make you laugh about yourself and say, “mmm hmm I’m that girl, alright”? And guys – I don’t know if you all talk about being that guy, but if you do – join in the fun as well! It’s Friday. We might as well laugh at ourselves together.


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2 responses

20 09 2013

Hmm…I used to make lists all the time and I kinda stopped but now when I accomplish something, I will write it down just to be crossed off. And I like to do it on my IPad mini cuz it looks so cool crossed off! Lol.

When I was dating, I would save voicemails from the guy I liked and listen to them over and over. (This is a judge free zone, right?)
And thats all I’m willing to share right now. LOL.

Umm, I’ve heard nary a word about your scandalous Vegas trip. Side eye.

20 09 2013

hahahaha – that would totally be me if I had an IPad mini.

OMG – I do that too!! And visual voicemail makes that so much easier now, because I don’t even have to save it — my phone does it alll on its own lol

Welllllll, aren’t you supposed to keep everything in Vegas?! I thought someone told me that one time LOL… I will say we had a blast though! And I definitely plan to write about the Cali portion of the trip in the coming weeks lol

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