Should Dating be Treated Like a Sport?

18 09 2013


With the weather finally feeling like we’re entering the fall season, there are few more exciting things for sports lovers like me than realizing it’s also the dawn of football season. I start pulling out all my black and gold attire, start making sports bets with guys who will inevitably NOT make good on them win they lose, and my friends know that on any given Sunday, you’re very likely to find me screaming bloody murder at either my TV screen or my laptop while the Saints try to give me a heart attack.

But for others, September means something else — it means the dawn of what many call cuffing season. Now, if you’re not aware of the term, I’m not quite sure where you’ve been the past few years… but it basically refers to a time after the summer months end when most people decide they want to have someone to hold them in the cooler months of the year. Because of this desire, they start whittling down their lists until they either “cuff” someone or become cuffed by someone.

Well, while the concept isn’t new, I started thinking about it from a different perspective the other day when I began to see all the Facebook posts and Tweets coming out about cuffing season. You see, when you really think about it — it sounds a lot like pre-season football.

Follow me here. You start off with a squad of players that is larger than what you know you will end up with. These include the folks you believe are your star/franchise players, but also some guys you hope will turn out to be stand-outs even though they weren’t recruited as such. You see how they play in a few games that really don’t amount to much, and then before the season really begins, you’ve whittled down your squad to the 53 best players you think you have.

Now, obviously, the numbers are off, right? No one is looking to cuff 53 people at a time. But other than that, there’s a lot of similarities to the way that many people are approaching their dating life. Me, sometimes, included. We meet multiple folks at one time, see who continues keeping our entire attention despite there being others around as distractions, and as the months go by, we mentally start to eliminate folks as options — finally deciding on one or two individuals to carry us through those cold, winter months when cuddling on your sofa seems like a perfect option on a Friday night.

But is this right? I mean, should we be approaching dating (something that seemingly is supposed to at some point get you to a relationship) like it’s a sport? Like we’re management trying to get the best squad for our football team?

I honestly don’t know.

I’ve tried to date a few different ways over the years – dating just one person at a time; dating one person but having a few guys on the “practice team;” dating multiple guys at a time – and I can see pros and cons to both. But what do you all think? Should dating be treated like a sport?


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