Why #theCuddles in the Morning is the Ultimate Set-up

16 09 2013
morning cuddles

He knows what he REALLY wants to be doing here…

The other day, my friends and I were randomly discussing #thecuddles when one of the guys mentioned that he really enjoyed doing so in the morning.

Immediately, most of the women at the table began scrunching their faces and shaking their heads no. One girl even said something like, “I don’t even really think there’s such a thing as morning cuddles. It’s all an illusion.” To be clear, it wasn’t that we were all of a sudden vehemently opposed to cuddling at a specific time of the day; it was that most of us knew the real deal — it’s the ultimate gateway drug!

Now y’all know about my love/hate relationship with cuddling and you’ve seen how my thoughts on cuddling have evolved over the years, but I was actually surprised to see that I wasn’t alone in believing that the morning cuddles was a complete set-up. Why, you ask? Well, because put quite simply… everyone who’s ever been involved in the morning cuddles knows it’s equivalent to sliding a piece of fried chicken under a man’s nose when he hasn’t had any meat in over a month.

You know how it goes. You wake up in the morning and before you can roll over or get out of bed to brush your teeth, you notice that your boo has wrapped his arms around you, scooched up very close behind you, conveniently cupped your butt near his package, and is kissing you on your neck and whispering “good morning babe” in your ear. For a split second, you may lay there, basking in this cuddle glory, loving the fact that your dude loves him some you. But all it takes is that one “poke” and a well-timed wiggle of the booty, and you know damn well it’ll be on like donkey kong. Or as one girl said, “sweatpants don’t have any power against the penis.”

Anyway, while no one (well, most sane people) has any qualms with a little morning sex, it just seemed a bit disingenuous to us ladies in the conversation for folks to act like they wanted to cuddle when all they really wanted to do was use cuddling as foreplay. Because let’s be real here – if you can lay there, practically naked, entwined around your boo-thang, and not want to do other things, well – you’re a better person than I am.

Now, if you want morning sex, that’s perfectly fine. I will never be the person to say morning nookie is a bad thing. But using cuddling as a way to broach it? Not okay. Just kindly start using your lips for things other than talking, and I’m pretty sure any man or woman who spent the night with you in your bed will follow suit.

What do you all think? Are morning cuddles always a set-up for something more or have you actually had the occasion where you and your boo lay there together and nothing went down?




4 responses

25 09 2013

I’m a fan of the morning cuddle that we all know leads to the morning step. Better than a cup of coffee. If you can get it, get it. LOL!

25 09 2013

Well, see I love the morning step (love that name for it, btw)… but I don’t like the whole trickery aspect of the morning cuddle that leads to the morning step but you’re trying to act like that’s not where it’s leading. I’m just saying – I’m all about transparency here LOL. We’re grown… we know what we both want to do here this am! haha

25 09 2013

Transparency! !! Um who is dude fooling? The booty graze totally means it’s on!!!!

26 09 2013

You’ve never had a guy try to act like all he was trying to do was cuddle when he knew damn well that wasn’t what he wanted?? No? Just me? Damn. Lol

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