Best Date Shoes Based on the Type of Date

14 08 2013
They're totally on a date, but I hope it doesn't involve a lot of walking... Photo:

They’re totally on a date, but I hope it doesn’t involve a lot of walking…

Last week, I talked about how getting dressed for an interview or big meeting was a lot like getting dressed for a date, but have I ever actually discussed the type of shoes that are best worn for various dates? I don’t think so!

I’ve been holding back girls (accidentally), but no more.

I don’t know about you but as much as I love surprises, when it comes to going on dates, I like to at least know some basic details about what we’re going to do. The last thing you want to do is have on some 6 inch stilettos when you’re going hiking. Not a good look.

So here are some of the more typical date ideas and the shoes I would suggest wearing as a best practice for them:

Dinner date/movie date/dinner and a movie date (but not one that will involve walking around the city later <– important factor)

Here are some of the few times you can get away with those really high heels. For the most part, you’re sitting on this date. And when you are walking, you can get your delicate or divalicious strut on without worrying about your feet hurting 30 minutes in. But listen, while these are times that you can wear those high heels, I’m not usually a fan of doing that for anything that involves the movies. It just seems too much for me, but that’s one of those personal preference things.

The slightly active date (examples: Dave and Buster’s, ESPN Zone, paddle boating, go-cart racing, etc…)

The perfect shoes for this kind of date are flat, flat, flat. Now, you can choose to make that a loafer, a sandal, a ballet flat, a pointed toe flat, whatever floats your boat — but I wouldn’t recommend anything with a heel. You do want to make sure it’s cute though! I know guys try to act like they don’t care about that stuff, but they will notice if your shoes look like they belong in Goodwill, and I will judge you from my computer as well.

The sporting event date

Now, this can vary a bit. If you’re going to a basketball game or baseball game or even maaaaybe a football game, and you’re sitting in some kind of VIP section – an appropriate heel can work here. And depending on the season, that can be a pump, a boot, a sandal, etc… But if you’re sitting in section 506, wear some damn flats or sneakers please. Don’t be that girl lol. And if it’s a winter sport, feel free to wear your favorite calf-length flat boots. They’re the perfect blend of cute and practical.

The active date (examples running, hiking, jet-skiing, bowling, skating, fishing, etc…)

If sneakers are appropriate for the activity, then always default there. If they aren’t, that means there’s probably a specific shoe you will have to change into for that activity (like skating or bowling). In that case, I would suggest a heel no more than 3 inches or a pair of really cute flats before you change into the other footwear.

Have I missed any other typical dates and what shoes should be worn for them? And do you agree with the ones I have so far? Let’s share!

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