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9 08 2013
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“When you touch a guy, his response says it all.” ~ Stacy to Jane on Drop Dead Diva

I know there’s always talk around the internet and in real life amongst friends about the best ways to determine a guy’s feelings about you. In fact, even here at Choices, Voices, and Sole, I’ve looked at his kiss, his hug, and even his texts as indicators.

But when I heard the sentence above while watching Drop Dead Diva the other day, it seemed to me to put all those other concepts to shame (especially that text one, which I thought was stupid to begin with).

Now, the theory behind his touch as an indicator really just goes back to determining if there’s a spark between you two. You know – do you feel fire in your loins (in a good way) when you touch or is it just bleh? Does a simple graze of his fingers send bolts of electricity through you two or is it clammy and grubby, or even just plain ol’ friendly?

This touch, though, doesn’t have to be a sexual or romantic in nature. It’s not necessarily a kiss or a hug, it can (and by the way of the theory described in the show, should) be just a simple touch between two people. A hand on a shoulder. A joking and light push to the chest. A handshake. A touch of the knee. Whatever it is, the theory goes, you two just have to make some form of bodily contact with each other and you’ll know.

I’m inclined to believe in this one, even if just a little bit. Y’all know how big I am on the importance of chemistry between you and your partner, so this doesn’t seem that far-fetched to me. Plus, I’ve totally experienced my legs melting underneath me just by a simple touch from a guy… and it wasn’t even a guy I’d initially thought of in that way. In fact, I could be wrong, but I think we both felt the spark in that moment, and it kind of jolted us and made us wonder, “maybe we don’t just think of each other as friends?”

Then he kissed me.

And it was confirmation that things would never be the same between us.

What do you all think? Can you garner any type of indication about how a guy feels for you simply in his touch? Note: I’m not talking intentions here, obviously – just the more basic “is there a connection between the two of you that both of you feel?”




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14 08 2013

Welp. Physical touch is my primary love language from what I’ve read (Five Love Languages). As the book says, it doesn’t even mean I’m all freaky, but I appreciate and want loving touch. I know if I’m really feeling someone I can’t keep my hands off of them and I don’t mind if they have the same problem with me. There’s something about it. Even the involuntary touching that just happens when you sit next to each other or walk through a crowd. Le sigh.

14 08 2013

Funny enough, Physical Touch was my number two language when I read the book, but that was a few years ago – so I wonder if it’s changed since then. What I do know is that I can absolutely tell if there’s chemistry between me and a guy through something as minor as an incidental touch, so I’m sighing right along with you.

And remembering.

And now going back to work before I get myself in trouble LOL

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