Thought You Knew About the Team…

12 07 2013
If my team was looking for a motto, this would definitely be in the running... Photo Credit:

If my team was looking for a motto, this would definitely be in the running…
Photo Credit:

“How you mean, how you mean, thought you knew about the team, eh… That’s why I ask you how you mean, how you mean, thought you knew about the team.” – Drake, Cameras

You ever have those friends that when you tell people you’re going out with them, the looks you get back are synonymous with “oh, that’s gonna be trouble”? I recently realized I have a few of those – and luckily for me, they tend to be some of my besties. (Incidentally, my mom is just like this as well – her best friend forever is definitely the one you know will be right there in the midst of some ish if it goes down.)

Now, don’t get me wrong – this does not include all of my really good friends. In fact, some of my besties are about as non-trouble as you can get… but… the ones that are? Hahahahaha – let’s just say the look I get back when I say I’m going out with them is for a reason.

Crazy enough, I didn’t realize this before. But while out with a friend recently, I mentioned these names and some of the plans we have for the year, and his eyes raised quite suspiciously. “Y’all are trouble when you get together,” he said. I tried to defend us. I really did. But as soon as the words were about to come out of my mouth, I just shut up. Because honestly? We are trouble when together… and I realized I like it that way.

The thing about the trouble team is that they understand there’s a cone of no-judgment when you’re out together. You don’t have to worry about anyone wagging their fingers at you or giving you a lecture (at least not in the midst of things). You can make plans to do some hoe-ish and no one say anything besides “Just be safe!” And you can really get into a kissing session with some random guy¹ and not have to worry about them pulling you off of him (unless you just had major liquor goggles and they could tell he was an ugmeister).

Now, you may get clowned later for having some random dude feel all on your bootay, but it will be all in fun, make for good memories, and be a wonderful reason for everyone to bust out into R. Kelly’s song of the same name at any occasion as the perfect inside joke.

But that’s the beauty of the trouble friends in the first place! The chances for memories and laughter are endless, which means the opportunities for inside jokes are innumerable.

Look, even the best good girl wants to be a little bad sometimes. And when that’s the case – you need those friends that are gonna be down for the cause … and maybe a little Rihanna playlist to get you started.

Do you have a trouble team?

1 Or so I’ve heard…




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26 08 2013
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