Tip: How to Pack Your Shoes for all those Summer Trips

10 07 2013
Despite what you may think, it is easier to get your shoes in the suitcase than it is for you to take their place lol... Photo Credit: www.glaregypsy.com

Despite what you may think, it is easier to get your shoes in the suitcase than it is for you to take their place lol…
Photo Credit: http://www.glaregypsy.com

If you’re anything like me, then summer is equivalent to traveling. In fact, by summer’s end this year, I will have gone on seven different trip. So figuring out how to pack most efficiently was one of my top priorities this year.

Lucky for me, my girl Erika of YourChicIsShowing and GirlTalk podcast fame, recently posted a few tips on how to make packing for the summer work for you. Now, she touched on the shoe aspect of packing, but you know I just had to expound.

What’s a good summer trip without the shoes to enjoy it, right? How do you think I get all these shoe stories – certainly not be leaving them at home!

So here’s a quick tip listing of the best ways to get your fave shoes in that suitcase!

1. Pack based on the length of your trip. This sounds simple enough, but there was a time (I won’t admit how long or short ago it was) that I would try to pack 10 pairs of shoes no matter if I was going on a weekend jaunt or traipsing across wherever for 2 weeks.

That’s just ridiculous, though, right?

So if it’s a weekend trip, make a pact with yourself that you won’t pack more than 4 pairs. I’m serious. Do it. And really, you should aim for even less than that – but, baby steps.

2. Make use of the summer benefits. One of the best things about warm weather months is the sandals, right?  And the beauty of sandals is that you can pack them within each other and save room. You can also pack fewer space-shrinking heels because it’s perfectly acceptable to wear sandals out at night unless you’re attending a formal function.

In fact, if you’re going to a beachy area, I would say only bring one pair of heels at the most. It’s just not needed. (Did I just say that?)

3. Stack your shoes in the bottom of your suitcase. If you do need to pack multiple heels, and there are times when that’s the case, it’s best to pack them at the bottom of the suitcase, facing each other.

Like such…

Pictured: 3 of my favorite heels inside of one of my smaller suitcases.

Pictured: 3 of my favorite heels inside of one of my smaller suitcases.

This allows you to stack clothes on top of them (after you’ve rolled them of course), but also put items in between the holes made by the shoes at the bottom of the suitcase. Putting the shoes on top eliminates this key element. I find myself stuffing all kinds of stuff in there… and always manage to get everything in there that I want.

4. Finally, nothing beats planning. Look, I love switching up my shoes like the next person and having multiple options, but on vacation, you are working with limited resources. So you can either do as Erika suggested and try to pack similar colors (which means less shoes) or if it’s a longer trip, you can make sure each pair of shoes can at least work with 2 to 3 outfits that you’re packing. It also helps if you pack mostly solid color shoes, because they can typically be used interchangeably, giving you even more options.

Hope these tips help as you gear up for your summer travels! Have I left any good ones out??




2 responses

10 07 2013

I am the worst at this. We went away for a week last summer and I was convinced every outfit needed a different shoe option. And guess what, I wore the same two sandals the entire time. Lets not even talk about how many outfits I packed. I mean where was I going?! Lol.

10 07 2013

hahaha of course you wore the same two sandals! Don’t feel ashamed, though. I’ve definitely done the same thing before – that’s why I make sure not to do it anymore lol

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