Tricks are for… Adults?

8 07 2013

Do you remember several years ago I realized that I was (apparently) one of the few people left on earth who was sexually active and didn’t have a signature move or a trick under my belt? I mean, I liked sex and thought I was good at it, but I felt inadequate that this wasn’t a part of my repertoire, especially after I found out so many of my friends and readers had long figured out their signature moves.

If you’ll recall, it started off simple enough with a Cosmopolitan article. Now, listen – I love Cosmo, but sexually, they can be a little more experimental sometimes than I am. So I brushed it off like it was one of those things they talked about, but wasn’t really something you needed to do/have. Then, I found myself in a situation where a guy asked me to use my signature move on him (in the middle of sex!), and I had nothing. I tried to come up with something on the spot, and needless to say – it was disaster central. And after all of that, I talked to some of my favorite girls and their responses left me feeling shamed – “uhhh yea, how could you not have one by now?” was pretty much the general reaction.

So I researched. And had the benefit of having a go-to who was willing to experiment (incidentally, he was not the person who’d asked about the signature move, so he was quite satisfied prior to me developing one, but that’s neither here nor there). And finally, finally – came up with one!

I was so excited! YAY!!! I had a signature move!!! One I could call my own. One I could be proud to use whenever the occasion called for it.

And that’s pretty much where things have stayed for the past few years. I have this move in my back pocket for whenever I want to bring it out there to add onto me and the lucky guy’s sexual experience.

That is until recently when I lost a trivia bet about basketball (ugh!), and the guy said what he wanted as the spoils of his win was for me to “do all of my tricks” when we ever had the occasion to experience each other in the boudoir.

All of my tricks??? Scrrrrrrrr….. Say what now?

I played along and laughed and said he wasn’t ready and all that jazz, but inside I was thinking, “who the hell has all of these tricks? Plural, son! For real?” So now, once again I’m stumped y’all. I don’t consider myself a novice in this here sex game, but listen – I’m also not anybody’s sexual Harlem globetrotter either. And kinda don’t think I need to be.

But am I behind on this like I was with the signature move? And if I am, how many tricks do I need to figure out between now and whenever so that I don’t look like a blumbering fool trying to climb on top of him and do a spin where a spin just simply won’t work. Also – I need to note that I’m quite clumsy and have fallen off the bed before. Just putting it out there lol

Help a sista out here! Are tricks for adults too?




2 responses

8 07 2013

Tricks are absolutely for adults. Every person (male and female) should have at least one. It keeps the relationship and sex on point, and spicy.

9 07 2013

lol well I’m not opposed to everyone having one trick under their belt. I have that. But multiple?! As in like 5 or 6 or more? Can foreplay tricks count in that number, because if not… I just can’t call it LOLOL

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