Are Basketball Shorts = Sundresses in the Summer?

5 07 2013
Admittedly, it might not be the basketball shorts that make him sexy... Photo Credit:

Admittedly, it might not be the basketball shorts that make him sexy…
Photo Credit:

There’s never been much sexier to me than a well-dressed man. Well, straight white teeth – but y’all know that’s like my irrational fascination that I’ll probably never get over. But a well-dressed man? Hmmmm… there’s just something about it!

Because of this desire of mine, it’s never quite worked out with me and men who can’t really dress well. I’ve tried y’all. I have. But I’m definitely a J Crew, Banana Republic, Old Navy sundress kinda girl, so I need a man who matches that. (And can I just quickly point out that those aren’t even that fancy of places, so I’m not asking for a lot here.)

Even when I was younger this was the case. Do you remember the store, Structure, which eventually became Express for Men? Oh, I would hang out in that store all the time, thinking about how I would loooove to date a guy who could rock Structure’s clothing in just the right way – not looking like he was trying to hard, but just looking damn foine. That store would eventually change to a United Colors of Benetton/ J Crew type of look (regardless of where you actually purchased it from), but the concept was always the same.


Fitted (but not ridiculously so).

Casual, but sophisticated.



But in the summer – basketball shorts all of a sudden begin to rule when it comes to my libido. I imagine it’s something similar to the way that men tend to love sundresses¹ on women (so I hear). While women love sundresses because they’re easy, comfortable/casual/cute, tend to look good on most figures, and tend to accentuate whatever curves you have – men love them for different reasons. Reasons like they look to make for easy access, they fit a woman’s body well, and they show off just enough to be sexy but not slutty.

Basketball shorts are kind of the same thing. I’m sure for men they’re just comfortable and easy to wear, especially in the warmer months. But listen, they’re also ridiculously sexy. For one, the guy is probably wearing some sort of tank top with them, which shows off not just what he is working with in the shorts (because they do that as well guys, in case you didn’t know), but also showcases his muscles and definition up top and sometimes that little cut on the man’s hips if he has those. For two, even as a woman who loves a well-dressed man, I also really love a guy who can switch it up and be comfortable in both. So if he can look just as sexy in some shorts and a t-shirt as he does in a suit, he’s a 10 in my book!

Also, I love basketball – so even if a guy is just wearing the shorts because they’re comfortable, they make me feel like he may just love basketball too (and instantly, we have something in common!). They tend to look good on most guys too, and uhhh, well, listen – have you ever seen the way a pair of basketball shorts sits on a man’s derriere? I’m just saying, some things show you just how much there is a God. That’s all I’m saying.

Anyway, that’s my summer time fine fascination. But what do you all think? Are basketball shorts like sundresses in the summer? Or is there another type of clothing you’d put in that spot?

1 Maxi-dresses also work for this analogy if you’re of the longer torso/leg category (unlike me).




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8 07 2013

I love basketball shorts as well but only if he mixes it up otherwise the novelty is lost on me. Lol. Basketball shorts emphasize my second fav part in a man, the toned calves. Sigh….

8 07 2013

Oh I completely agree, Brenda. He definitely doesn’t need to wear them 24/7… just as a nice addition every once in a while hahahaha.

And hmmmmm… OK toned calves!! I see you lol

16 07 2013
2 12 2013
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