Apparently, These 30 Year Eggs are Still OK

1 07 2013
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That was the first word that came to my mind after reading this article about women ages 35 and older and fertility. Well, more accurately, I thought – “wait, so everyone had me all nervous for nothing?! Ugh – trickery.”

If you’ll recall, last October, I was all in a sorta kinda panic because I knew I was turning 30 soon and had no intention of having children anytime soon. This wouldn’t have been so much of a problem except that everywhere around me I was being told that my eggs were going to dramatically decline as soon as the clock struck midnight on May 17th.

First, there was that episode on New Girl where two of the characters went to go get their egg count checked because they’d been told that 90% of their eggs would be useless/gone by 30.


That’s a lot of freakin’ eggs!

Then, there were all these articles that were coming out. Cosmo had an article. ABC News had an article. Everyone had a freakin’ article basically saying, “hey women approaching 30 – figure out what your arse is gonna do, because you’re running out of options.”

Do you know how scary that is? (Well, if you’re reading this and are a woman approaching 30 or are already 30 + and don’t have kids in your sight, you can probably relate. Unless you have no desire for kids at all – that’s a different story all together.) To have all these sources tell you that by the time you’re actually ready for children, it’ll be too late! You’ll have missed your chance. No kiddos for you!!

And now I find out it was all trickery?


I hate the way that women are scared into procreation by the masses, and this just seems like another one of those instances. Because according to San Diego State University psychology professor, Jean Twenge, the panic is all for naught. In fact, according to NY Magazine, she says that the widely cited figure that one in three women ages 35 to 39 will not be pregnant after a year of trying is based on French birth records from 1670 to 1830.

“In other words, millions of women are being told when to get pregnant based on statistics from a time before electricity, antibiotics, or fertility treatment.”

Uhhhh, what??!!

Jean isn’t alone in this theory, though. I started looking around after reading this article and found that others were now coming out showing that, sure – there was a bit of a decline in eggs after 30, but the real decline didn’t happen until a woman actually turned 40. That’s a 10 year difference! And as anyone who is actually 30 can attest, 10 years is a hell of a lot of time. Think about what you were doing and what your motivations were at 20. It seems like a lifetime away.

So I guess I should be happy (and I am) with the new news. I don’t have to worry about feeling selfish that I don’t want to change my life just yet for the children I eventually want to have just to make sure they actually happen. It would have been nice to have gotten this information a little earlier though – you know, say around October when everyone (including me) was losing their ish for no reason.




2 responses

3 07 2013

Yes! I knew I had more time! Lol. I just wish people would stop trying to “scare” women into having children, it’s annoying.

4 07 2013

Yep, there’s plenty more time! And I know, it’s so ridiculously annoying, right?? Glad I could help ease your mind a bit 😉

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