#theCuddles Part 2 – Really, People???

24 06 2013
Photo Credit: marchtomastery.com

Photo Credit: marchtomastery.com

(Some) People will do anything to keep from feeling lonely.

This past weekend I learned that this includes paying someone to come over and cuddle with them. Like, literally – paying to have a stranger come to your home and wrap her arms around you for a specified portion of time. What part of the game is that, y’all?

Now, you may remember that I have a love-hate relationship with cuddling. But despite the fact that I typically ran away from even the thought of cuddling with someone I didn’t have strong feelings for, I have recently begun to have a bit of a change of heart on the matter. Maybe it’s because I’ve stopped running from a lot of my feelings within the past year or so, but the truth is (and get ready for a shocker) – I actually really enjoy cuddling.

I think it can be something really amazing between two people. It’s relaxing. It has restorative power after a long day of work. Heck, it can even be quite sexy if done with the right person.

But y’all – you will never get me to change my belief that it’s still intimate as all hell. I know that may not be the case for everyone, but it is for me.¹ To me, there is something uniquely intimate about allowing someone to wrap his or her arms around you or lay on your chest, breathing your breaths, falling into synch with your cadence of inhale and exhale. And while I have somewhat relaxed my standards on who I cuddle with nowadays, there’s no way I can condone paying for a stranger to come to your home and perform this intimate as hell act with you.

The company that provides the service speaks highly about the “simple restorative pleasure of touch” and even uses this lovely line –> “Though science has unquestionably supported the psychological and physical benefits of non-sexual touch, Americans distinctly lack it.” when seeking to make its case for the okay-ness of the service.

But for real, y’all? It’s just not. I can understand how they get clients though, because cuddling can be really enjoyable. And they are right about the healing powers of touch. In fact, I just learned that a hospital in Kentucky gets volunteers to come and hold many of the premature babies throughout the day, because doctors have found that it helps them heal faster when they have a human connection holding them and rocking them throughout the day. But… but, those babies are not grown-ups with options to actually meet people and create real life intimate partnerships.

I mean, is this what we’ve come to as a generation? We’re so hard up to experience intimacy with people that folks are really out here paying to fake it? I know there’s been lots of talk out lately about how we seem to have lost a lot of the human connections with people, because we spend so much time on our computers, on social media, on the phone, watching TV, etc… but there just has to be a better way than this.


1 For example, some people may think that kissing is a more intimate act.




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