Tips for My Future Husband – #12

21 06 2013
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Plant “mind blowing, toe curling, forget whoever else is around us” kisses on me all the time.

I like kissing.

Like, really, really like kissing.

I dream about kissing.

If I really like a guy, I typically have to stop myself from staring at his lips because all I can think about is kissing him.

Clearly… it’s my thing.

And for me, it doesn’t have to be the precursor to other activities, either. As far as I’m concerned, there are definitely times when kissing can stand all on its glorious own. Granted, it has to be the right kind of kiss matched with a seriously strong connection between two people. But really, if you can make someone whimper just by kissing him or her… it pretty much says everything and anything you need to know about the connection you have with that person.

And I definitely want that type of connection with future hubby. I want us to kiss like how people kiss when they first have the chance to touch that person’s lips they’ve been desiring for a minute.

Do you remember how it felt to first kiss the last person you kissed? If it was amazing (like I tend to believe most of mine are), I’m sure you can remember every detail. Things like… how it came to happen. What it felt like when his or her lips touched yours. Did he/she grab you anywhere while kissing you – run her fingers over your head or run his hands down your body? Was it electric and thrilling – something you hoped would never end?

To me, that’s a feeling that can’t be duplicated with other acts. That brush of the lips and passion exuding between two people… something innocent enough to only garner PG ratings in movies and TV, but also so animalistic because of the desires it conjures up.

The right kiss has the potential to drive someone wild and make them want to spend all day melding their face with someone else’s. The right kiss has the power to make you forget anyone else is around and maybe even sigh when that person’s lips take a break from yours. Hell, the right kiss from the right guy might make some folks start thinking about their futures!

If you can remember all of that for your last person, then you can understand why I enjoy kissing so much. And why future hubby should probably not only be just as much of a kissing fan as I am, but also be someone who knows the power in his kiss and gets that his future wife wants to be wowed by her husband (and his lips) on a regular basis.




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