What Men My Age Can Learn from Younger Guys

19 06 2013
Okay... maybe not this young though lol Photo Credit: www.mobileapples.com

Okay… maybe not this young though lol
Photo Credit: http://www.mobileapples.com

I don’t know what’s going on lately; if there’s some kind of cosmic turn of events occurring. Or if this is just what happens when women get close to and/or turn 30. But my girls and I are steadily being approached by younger men these days.

And when I say younger, I don’t mean 28. I mean, 22 to 25.¹

That’s crazy, right?

These guys are barely legal – and yet, for some reason, they are super into… well, us lol. But there’s also something else I’ve noticed about them – they lack nothing in the confidence department. And honestly, they can be quite a bit of fun if you get past the whole I could totally be your cool aunt thing.

I guess when I really think about it, this is nothing new. It’s just the prevalence now that seems to be a bit jarring.

I’ve had friends who’ve dated younger guys before, and really, so have I (although some have worked out better than others). But never this young! In fact, so many of us have at least attempted to be involved with a younger guy in one way or another that we’ve created a nickname for them at this point: 12 year olds. I know – it sounds kind of pervy. But it’s funny and works when you account for the fact that they may as well be 12 because of the difference in our ages. Plus, it works to make light of something some might be uncomfortable with.

What the nickname doesn’t do, however, is explain why so many of these younger guys have been more exciting, more in tune with our needs and desires, and much more willing to let pretenses fly out the window and just enjoy the time spent together than the people our own age.

Is it that we don’t really believe it will go anywhere so we allow ourselves to just enjoy the moment, thereby having more fun with the younger guy than someone our age? Or is it something else outside of us that has continued to draw us not just to them, but also to being tempted by them?

I’d venture to guess it’s more about their attitude than anything else. If you’re attempting to date, sex, or just basically be in the presence of someone you know has, at the very least, probably more life experience than you – you’ve gotta have some pretty big cahones on you. And we all know there’s not too much sexier to a woman than confidence. Confidence + a great smile and an “I don’t care how old you are, I can still make you scream my name if I want to” orange aura? I mean, let’s be real, that’s enticing to even the most practical woman out there.

I’m not sure how good these younger guys are for anything besides good times, but maybe that’s what they have over some of the 30-35 year olds we meet. Everything isn’t so serious. It’s fun and exciting. And in the end, that’s what dating is supposed to be about anyway, right? Fun times. If you can find the fun with someone, you can probably find yourself wanting other things as well.

1 My younger sisters are 18 and 23, so it’s extra weird for me.




2 responses

20 06 2013

Interesting points. I never could bring myself to date anyone younger. I did like a guy a looong time ago who was a year younger and it showed, lol! But sometimes age is really nothing more than a state of mind. I mean look at Stella (How Stella Got her groove back) and Winston…oh oops bad example, lol.

21 06 2013

hahaha yea, not a good example at all… BUT you know what I’ve found? If you just enjoy the young guy for what he is – a young guy… it’s much more fun. Of course, with anything, this all depends on the connection you have with someone regardless of age though. I’ve dated younger and older guys who I felt were better off as friends… but then… there are the exceptions lol


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