A High-pitched Voice, Twirling of My Hair, and Other Ways to Tell I Really Like Someone

17 06 2013
Pretty sure this is how I look when recounting stories to my friends about a guy I like. Photo Credit: www.fanpop.com

Pretty sure this is how I look when recounting stories to my friends about a guy I like.
Photo Credit: http://www.fanpop.com

Despite my love for romantic comedies and stilettos, I’ve always considered myself not to be that much of a girly girl. Why? Well, mostly because of certain likes and dislikes of mine. While I enjoy a nice dress or skirt, I’m actually most comfortable in a pair of jeans. I’m a sports fanatic. I hate having lots of emotions thrown at me at one time (whether from myself or someone else). And I have, on occasion, been told that I think like a guy sometimes.

But when it comes to someone I really really like, I always, without fail, no matter how hard I try to deny it, fall into the girliest of girly tendencies. And I mean like being able to recite whole conversations back to my friends days later type of stuff. It’s really quite annoying, but it’s also helped me (and my friends) determine just how much I like someone pretty early on.

Basically, you could say I have certain tells.


The fact that apparently the tone in my voice changes when I’m talking to someone I really like. I’ve been around friends before who have sworn that they can tell how much I like someone just by how I sound when I’m talking to him. Does my pitch rise? Do I sound like I’m extra interested in everything he has to say? Yep – all pretty good indicators, they claim. (What’s not a good indicator is if I’m giggling, though. I giggle, all the time, whether I really like someone or not. My laughter doesn’t discriminate.)

But the change in my pitch isn’t my only tell. Usually if I really like someone, I also start thinking about licking his teeth and will have to stop myself from staring at his lips. Or I’ll find myself dancing around to music that’s more along the lines of Tamia’s Falling For You than Drake’s Over My Dead Body. And I’ve even noticed that at times, I become that girl who twirls her hair when she’s around him. Twirls her hair, people! I mean, what?!

Luckily, I don’t think I’m alone in my tells. While there are always exceptions (like just meeting someone who’s really touchy feely with everyone or who laughs all the time – like I do), some things have become part of the “does she really like me” template that men and women tend to follow. You know, the check marks.

Does she find ways to randomly touch me for no damn reason at all? Oh she does. Check!

Does she laugh at jokes I don’t even think are funny, just because they came from me? Or does she seem to have the biggest, cheesiest grin on her face every time I see her? Oh yea. Check and check!

Does she look like she wants to jump my bones at all times? CHECK!

So I guess it’s not so bad that I have tells, since most people do as well. Plus, without those tells, we’d probably see even more articles about how to figure out if someone likes you or not. And the last thing we need is that.

Do you have any tells that give away your feelings about someone you like? And are any of them as embarrassing as me sizzling my hand in front of a guy?




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20 06 2013

Lets see…I think I was pretty obvious when I liked someone. I would find anything to talk to them about and my eyes would follow them around the room. And my friends always knew who I had a crush on so there would always be a gaggle of laughter following him. I was such a dork. Oh and I’m a big teaser….you know more opportunity to engage in conversation and make him laugh.

21 06 2013

hahaha you know, I think more often than not, most women/girls are verry obvious when they really like someone. And our friends don’t help! I literally ran to get out of sight from this guy at a club one time because one of my friends was with me and making fun of me about my crush. Now, that’s a dork! lol

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